Where are the Roads John Mahama Constructed? A Question from their Senior Minister

NPP administration have always been a party of funfair, rhetorics and lies. Sadly, this Nana Ado Danquah administration has taken it to an extreme height of ineptitude, moral and fiscal bankruptcy and blame game.

I have heard many of the serial callers of NPP asking ” where are all the roads John Mahama constructed that people are demonstrating each day for roads”. Unfortunately, big wigs within the NPP who should Know better preposteously ask same.

I have never bordered to respond in writting because serial callers are free to say what they want , but for the senior minister, engineer Osafo Maafo, the man with the most brilliant kids in Ghana, to follow the serial callers in asking the same questions on Citi fm today, that where are all the roads in the NDC’s green book. I think a response will put this irresponsible questions to rest.

Snr minister, kindly go through our green book and come out with just one road that is in our green book that is in a bad shape today. I thought you campaigned that we don’t chew roads, Ghanians are now asking you for roads to chew, and you are asking NDC for bitumen. A sad story of lies

Snr minister, governance is in perpetual succession. Talk about the roads you asked to be halted for auditing. Is the auditing over ? where are the reports of audited roads?

You see how far your fake auditing has taken the state? Over 3 years of auditing with no audit findings. Common sense will tell you that, if you truncate the construction of a road where its base and sub base have been completed, and awaiting asphalting, going back same road after three (3) years to start work will not take same resources to finish.

Should we not be looking at financial loss to the state, especially when we have not seen any official audit report unearthing malfeasance or fraud.

Snr minister, who should be charged for causing financial loss to the state with this irresponsibility?. It shows respect to make the audit report on the roads available to Ghanians?

Snr minister, when you decided not to pay contractors, road construction will surely come to a halt. No one needs to advice you on this, it is common sense.

You remember the contractor who said the president is a rascal, he spoke out of pain and disappointment. Stop taking the contractors for fools.

NPP take responsibility; hold the bull by the horn and stop the blame game. I felt sad for you when the finance minister in his bye bye budget was emphasising that the Tema motorway overpass is ongoing, the Obetsebi lamptey overpass ongoing, Pokuasi interchange ongoing .

These 3 overpasses the finance minister mentioned are fresh on the minds of people. It reflects a responsible leadership provided by president John Dramani Mahama !!!

Snr. minister, it is now obvious your administration is just a waste of people’s time.

Ghanians are waiting because they know there are better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun !!!

Source: Godwin Ako Gunn

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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