Where is the Union Agreement between Western Togoland and Ghana? – Concerned Citizens quiz

Another secessionist group, Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland (CCWT), has questioned the legitimacy of the union between the then “Gold Coast” (now Ghana) and “Western Togoland” due to the “absence of any “union agreement” between both parties.

According to the group, the then Western Togoland territory had to be reinstated into a sovereign state after the dissolution of the United Nations League and the exit of the colonialists from the region.

The CCWT argued that, they are pushing for a sovereign Western Togoland state because there has not been any formal agreement or documentation provided to the people yet to authenticate the union between the then Gold Coast and Western Togoland.

In an interview with ghananewsonline.com.gh, the vice president of the group, Daniel Yevugah, lamented that point that, the status of Western Togoland has been reduced to a mere “spare part region” to Ghana.

“The Western Togoland has now been used as a spare parts for the other regions. Regions like greater Accra, Eastern Region, part of Western and Upper East… Western Togoland is not a mere region, it’s a country”

He noted that the government of Ghana has neglected the region and has refused to resolve the matter in spite of all the “cries” by the people of Western Togoland.

“Letters have been written, a lot of confrontations have gone forth, but still the leadership has still refused to come out with [an answer],” he stated. 

In other to calm the ongoing protests, Yevugah said the government of Ghana must address this issue accordingly since the concerned citizens of Western Togoland have used the right diplomatic means to raise their concerns.

Source: Jonas Danquah || ghananewsonline.com.gh 

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