Who Defends Paul Adom Otchere?

For the past days, he has been discussing a former member of a constitutional body called Council of State, Togbe Afede XIV.

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Paul Adom Otchere is a journalist and also a legal trainee at the faculty of Law, University of Ghana School of Law, Legon, my alma mater.
I don’t know if he has been called to the bar after his LLB studies.

He has been practicing as a journalist with Joy FM, Citi FM and has been hosting a popular socio-political program on Metro TV called Good Evening Ghana for over two decades.

He has now changed the form, shape and the character of the program. He makes it a much more catchy and attractive program.
He brings on different shades of persons; politicians, sports personalities, teachers, chiefs or traditional authorities, economists, sociologists, marketers and all persons. He also discusses or examines all national issues or matters.

For the past days, he has been discussing a former member of a constitutional body called Council of State, Togbe Afede XIV.
Togbe Afede is a successful business mogul. He is a traditional ruler and football administrator. He is a national asset.

I won’t support any person who wants to denigrate him. No! His ‘banter’ with Paul is very interesting.
Togbe simply returned his ex-gratia offered him by the state after serving his four years tenure in office as a member of the body by the virtue of his position as a President of the National House of Chiefs. He then went ahead to announce to the whole world what he has done, because he thought working with the body was a part time job. He thought, he didn’t deserve that colossal amount of money, more than Ghc 300,000.

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Paul, as a journalist went further to ‘dig’ about Togbe’s attendance and participation in the work of the body. He revealed the other side of the story as communicated by Togbe. For doing this innocuous work, he received bashes from all angles including politicians who as usual want to take advantage of any situation for their selfish interests.

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Togbe himself granted interview with Joy FM a different media. He made some revelations, not friendly to Paul.
I thought the rejoinder should have been on Metro TV where the allegations were made.
Paul also came back to clarify many issues the revered Togbe raised in his interview with Joy FM.

It is not fair on the part of some Ghanaians who went amok and used some unprintable words against him.
We know of journalists or presenters in this country whose modus oprandi is to castigate and insult the President of the land and other revered Ghanaians. They are hailed and applauded for their uncultured behaviours (freedom of expression, Ghana made).
They spew insults and write very demeaning articles or stories without preferring any alternative.
They don’t criticize but insult. They are celebrated because they satisfy their paymasters.

The hypocrisy must stop.

Paul didn’t insult Togbe, he only criticized his action.
Yes, criticize him too but not to go haywire on him.

The hypocrisy in our country must stop.

Ahmed Osumanu Halid
Nima 441

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