Who killed the Judges documentary: You have an unfinished business – Chief to Raymond Acquah and the Multimedia group

Nana Nanabanyin Ninsin-lmbeah ll, Secretary of the Defunct Kumasi Metropolitan Central Coordinating Committee of Workplace CDRs, has called on the Multimedia Group and Mr Raymond Acquah, the Journalist who is the brain behind the documentary dubbed “who killed the Judges?” to go further and help unravel the real identity of the man, who pulled the trigger to kill the three Supreme Court Judges and the retired Army Officer as stated in the documentary.


The multimedia group limited in Ghana premiered a documentary about how some Senior legal practitioners and a retired military officer were gruesomely murdered by unknown assailants, some years ago, in the history of Ghana.

The documentary, after it was aired on many platforms, sparked many reactions and counter reactions within and outside the country.

Nana Ninsin-lmbeah ll, who is also the ex-Nyimfahen of the Mfantseman Council in the Ashanti Region, contends that once there is a portion of the documentary which showed a man in a smock, who pulled the trigger and killed the four and therefore if the real identity of that man, is not made public, then the team that put together the documentary, has an unfinished business.

“It would be a disservice to the nation and the people if this issue of identity is left unattended to,” he added.

“The title of the documentary is also not proper because four people, three of whom were Judges and a retired Army Officer were killed and so reference must be made of him in the name of fairness. As it is currently, it is unfair to him and the entire Military,” the former chief reiterated.

He said after the public showing of the documentary, the minds of the masses, have been unfortunately and unjustifiably tuned to some interesting speculations, unfounded suspicion and mysterious accusations.

He stated that it is time for the joint producers of the documentary titled “who killed the judges” to consider reviewing the documentary and come out with names of people who orchestrated the actual killing and the one who really killed the four by pulling the trigger.

By Emmanuel Adu Gyamfi

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