Who Leads NDC Greater Accra into Election 2020?

In less than 13 hours from now, delegates of the National Democratic Congress, (NDC) in the Greater Accra Region will throng the University of Ghana, Legon campus, to elect new Executives for the party in the Region towards election 2020.

Four strong, self made, able bodied men are offering themselves to lead the region as Chairman, ahead of the titanic national elections in December 2020, of which the Opposition NDC is hoping to snatch power with a very strong force that would be built up from the grassroots in Accra.

Daniel Martey Mensah
Daniel Martey Mensah

Daniel Armartey Mensah, a former Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) at Ledzokuku Municipal, described as a result oriented strategist, is offering himself for the second time to lead the GAR NDC.

He is one of the leading party members who helped train members and agents across the country on how to analys, monitor and prepare party agents with strategies, among others when going into elections. Armartey Mensah, is a grassroots person who rose through the ranks to become a national vice chairman of the NDC with vast experience in party work. He aims to rescue Greater Accra from the New Patriotc Party (NPP) due to his historical experience in elections at Krowor (Teshie). He has enviable performance records at LekMA.

He is number ONE on the ballot paper, a number he happens to have choosen while contesting for the national vice chairmanship race about forur years ago. This repeated number has given him the assurance that God will not let him down. To him it marks the beginning of good things to come to the region under his leadership as GAR Chairman.

Mr. Armartey Mensah promised to make no constituency in GAR lacks logistics or resources to do party work to win power, when given the nod as NDC Regional Chairman.

Alhaji Yahaya Kundow,
Alhaji Yahaya Kundow,

Alhaji Yahaya Kundow, also a grassroot person has worked with the party since its inception, and is currently the regional treasurer, a position he has held for over 20 years.

Alhaji Kundow aka Sheikh, says in whatever strategy, the NDC wants to adopt for election  election 2020, the party security must be a strong force to reckon with. Considering the manner the NPP is using its various hooligans groups like the Invisible forces, Delta forces among others.

Aside the kind of leadership he wants to provide the GA Region, he has the capacity to match any of the NPP forces, especially, with the kind of intention they have going into the 2020 elections. To this, he also has the strength to ensure that the 2020 elections in GAR is a ‘cool chop’ for the NDC.

Sheikh believes also that the NDC in the region cannot go to elections without unity and purpose, so he has what it takes to unite the party front before power could be snatched, recover all lost seats and  maximize the votes margin in 2020.

He promise to make available resources and logistics to all constituencies in the Region when elected as Chairman.

Alhaji Kundow further pledged a proper grassroots mobilization to ignite the base of the NDC to stand all odds before and during elections.

Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore,
Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore,

Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, aka Swagon Papa, a business tycoon and a former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Adentan Constituency, he has stated that the 34 constituencies across the region must be equipped with machines to enable them run their offices properly.

Following this, Nii Ashie Moore has distributed computers, scanners, wireless printers among others to all the constituencies to reduce their cost of running the constituency offices. He has plans to set up funds for the women’s wing, youth wing, Zongo caucus, and welfare.

He has further promised skills training for all trainers of trainees of the women and youth wings in various vocations. This training, he said, would come off in Europe for professionalism.

His intention is to empower these wings with businesses so they can be self-sufficient so they would not be dependent. He will also help run the party in their respective areas.

Joseph Kobena Ade Coker
Joseph Kobena Ade Coker

The Incumbent GA Regional Chairman, Joseph Kobena Ade Coker, is seeking a third term in office, explaining that he has not run out of ideas to bring the party back to power.

Though, he has not disclosed his strategies on how to get the Seven seats the NDC lost in GA Region for the first time under his watch as regional chairman; he said he has lots of strategies to help recover those seats for the party and increase voting to catapult the NDC into power again in 2020.

Chairman Ado Coker, number 4 on the ballot paper for tomorrow, is highly optimistic of retaining his position as the GAR Chairman because he has an image to redeem in the highly anticipated national elections, before if anything else.

Source: Elikplim K. Awuyeh

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