Why Akufo-Addo’s Government Is Failing

One problem adversely affecting the President’s performance is that his officials and appointees often misled him with their briefing. In opposition, he suffered serious embarrassments because of this phenomenon to the extent that his own MP openly challenged an information he wrongly fed the public. His ministers and henchmen tell him what he would love to hear not what he should know.

May be, going back to Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs disaster which his top military advisers had assured him would never fail and the lessons he picked from that mistake. President Akufo-Addo, per happenings in his
government, should adopt Kennedy’s one hour direct reading of newspapers and Clinton’s devotion of two hours a day before receiving before receiving his officials instead of from the clippings they sent him. He must know that, once appointed to high office, people immediately develop an interest to protect- even if it means lying to the President. His officials are pursuing this agenda more easily because the President does not take the trouble to collect information directly himself.

So the President is blinded from seeing the failing economy, the failed Free SHS policy, the massive corruption going on at the Presidency, the over thousand oil marketing companies established by officials at the Presidency and other party officers, the $2.25 bond disaster, the cry of the nurses and newly trained
doctors etc etc.

Per his praises on his cousin the Finance Minister, I can rightly say he [the President] was assured that things were looking up. In fact if the President had gathered independent information about the state of the economy or had joined a trotro bus as he did during the campaign, he would not have insulted Ghanaians with the praises he showered his cousin who can best be described as the weakest finance minister ever. None of his appointees and his henchmen wants to be the bearer of bad news so he receives digests and thus becomes a captive of those undertaking the digest. Somebody should be kind enough to tell the President that he has been deceived about the state of the economy and his free SHS policy. Things are not looking up as he has been told except of course, the pockets of his appointees and his Vice who recently spent $15 million on that famous 419 digital addressing system.

Government officials are rendering fake report to the President. His administration is investing billions of cedis to manipulate section of the media. The Finance Minister himself in his 2018 budget said government recorded substantial revenue shortfall in 2017 with bad interest payment to revenue ratio. His finance minister concealed six months debt accrued by his administration. About 90% of Ghanaians are disappointed. And simple reason is this; they did not vote for the NPP to make unnecessary noise about unsubstantiated allegations of
corruption about their political opponents.

They also felt that ordinary Ghanaians should have enough to eat, unemployment will end, factories would be built in their districts, their constituencies will receive $1million etc. Millions of Ghanaians including civil society organisations and top officials of the NPP have started complaining bitterly about the hastily implemented free SHS, pastors and some respected persons in the country have started complaining about corruption in government especially the presidency and lavish spending of state funds on trivialities. Is it not a disgrace for a government that is supposed to be moving forward? Up till now, not a single factory has been built, a pesewa hasn’t gone to the constituencies, Ghanaians are poorer. Just look at the economy, it has been so bad; the cedi depreciates every day, the world banks latest report on investment and doing business in Ghana is terrible, the IMF and other financial institutions have cautioned managers of the economy against their bogus policies and have predicted doom if we stay on this rough

Isn’t it surprising that with all the problems and suffering our secondary school students, headmasters and headmistresses and teachers are going through as a result of this hastily packaged and recklessly implemented free SHS programme, the President will courageously tell Ghanaians he is going back to the four- year secondary school policy.

Has be been briefed properly? Does he understand the issues and has he consulted experts in the sector for proper briefing and advice? No wonder the Nigerian Foreign minister said; he encounter with John Mahama portrayed him as a soul with extraordinary IQ. Yea, like him or hate him John showed through his statements and actions that he understood issues around him and had command over them. Ghana is dying fast under Mr Akufo-Addo, the country is in the emergency wing.

Patient Ghana’s condition cannot be managed with herbal medicine. The nation needs to be wheeled immediately into the operating theater and worked on by good doctors, fervently, and with a sense of utmost urgency. Eleven months into his administration, Akufo- Addo is yet to mix one bag of cement and sand and all we hear is debt profiling.

Their understanding of debt profiling is to clear few of our debt and borrow more and borrow to pay for our debt.

President Akufo-Addo, rode to power on the back of the horse called “incorruptible person”. He assured Ghanaians was coming to banish corruption using powers conferred on him by his uncle JB Danquah. What are witnessing eleven months into his administration? Unprecedented corruption by his officials including his Vice, shielding of corrupt officials and using state security agencies to cover corruption in his administration. He is sponsoring vigilante groups formed across the regions. The President is using corruption to provide employment to his cronies and family members.

We are in a period of abject lack and debilitating poverty yet when we complain of hardship, the answer they give us is ; go and eat the free SHS. And to those fake neutrals who struggle on radio and on social media to defend the mess we witnessing claiming he inherited a mess, this is my response to their demonic statements: it was a mess he lied and fought hard to inherit. He was not running for president in Afghanistan.

President Mahama did not inherit a rosy economy, those bad economic policies of the NPP1 administration affected Mills and the Mahama administrations including the single spine salary scheme, debt owed contractors, hastily managed NHIS etc. Contrary to the NPP propaganda, Mills/Mahama were handed the worst recession that Ghana had seen in over three decades. Mahama’ s response was epic. He rolled out the largest stimulus programme ever implemented in this country after Nkrumah and hired the best minds in the country not cronies and weak minded family members. He also threw petty loyalties aside and invited all the good brains in and outside his government to support his agenda.
Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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