Will MPs from the Kusaug Traditional Area visit their own Chiefs, Elders, Youth and People of Bawku and its environs with Military or Police escort?

An Owula Mangortey observation...

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I am a Whistle-blower with a known face and address.

I am aware of the good initiative of Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Kusaug Traditional Area to visit Bawku and its environs.

It will be nice to welcome and see the MPs of Zebilla, Binduri, Bawku Central, Pusiga, Garu and Tempane walking down the streets and alleys of the  suburbs and fraternising  with Kusasis and Mamprusis, as well as  Moshies, Grumahs, Bissas, Fafras, Hausas, Fulanis and other ethnic groups.

The last time I saw the MPs from Kusaug Traditional Area together was at the colourful Samanpid festival on 29th December, 2021.

Security briefings at Bolgatanga

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I am aware the MPs will meet and receive briefings from the Upper East Regional Minister and Regional Coordinating Council, the Commanding Officer of the 11th Mechanised Battalion, the Upper East Regional Police Commander, and the Director of the National Investigation Bureau!

If I were to be in such a meeting, I would whisper to the MPs that asymmetric threats in Bawku defy logic as the assailants main objectives cannot be easily fathomed.

Inspite of some of their foibles, I sincerely believe   the Security Agents will continue with their endeavors to seize the initiative as much as possible. This will be realized if they succeed in the winning the hearts and minds game. And it will  require the active participation of various stakeholders including other Regional/District government agencies, Parliamentarians, Regional House Chiefs, CSOs and the Media, etc.

Additionally, I would whisper to the MPs that the Bawku conflict is at risk of being hijacked by criminal gangs and extremists to cause chaos so they steal cattle and other movable property  settle old feuds and scores with targetted murders  and create a distraction for the Military and other Security Agents for a possible terrorist attack in Ghana.

I would whisper to the MPs that the firewood is very dry in Bawku/Mognori for a terrorist fire!!

I would whisper to the MPs that challenges abound but all of us must paddle together in one direction and forge on. Success may not be achieved in a week or in a month, probably not in a year, but we will need to forge on to bring security, stability, peace, progress and prosperity to Bawku and its environs.

Significance of the trip from Bolgatanga to Bawku/Pusiga

I am aware the MPs will proceed to Bawku with Military and Police escort!

I am aware the visit of the MPs will be watched closely and analysed by the Government, the Speaker of Parliament, the Security Agencies, the Media, and especially the Diplomatic Community.

As the MPs may be aware, the US Embassy Accra issued a travel alert on 12th March, 2022, that based on unsubstantiated Intelligence, US citizens and other foreigners could be targets of kidnap for ransom in the Upper East and West Regions.

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After the visit, will the MPs be able to confidently say “go-wey-you” to the US Embassy Accra, by  demonstrating the positve impact of the Parliament (if any) of approved huge investments in Security and Intelligence in the Northern Sector of Ghana?

From Bolgatanga to Bawku,  the MPs will notice expatriates of a foreign company constructing bridges over a river between Bolgatanga and Zuarungu, and on the Red and Whilte Volta rivers, as well as reconstructing portions of the road.

Will the MPs ask the expatriates what motivates them to feel at ease to sit in the open under the trees to drink beer at the Santa Maria bar behind Bo-Naba stores at Bawku?

Bawku visit with Military/Police Escort

I am aware the MPs are important national assets and must be provided security (for preventive reasons).

However, I wish to find out from the MPs why in the name of the Catholic Mary the Mother of God, will they  visit their own Chiefs, Elders, Youth, People of Bawku and its environs with Military and Police escort!

The MPs should be able to freely move about with the  visits to the Traditional Authorities, and to interact with the citizens at  Highways, Low Cost Housing, Osofo Maame chop bar/BNI area, Bo-Naba market, Danduri, Zongo, Sabon Zongo,  South Natinga, Sagabo, Sabongari, Gingande Kisongo, Azange, Possum, old cattle market, Central market,  Techiman lorry station area, Gingande, Sabondode, Avinga, Yiringo, new cattle market near the Military FOB, Patemeli,  San-Natinga, Buabula, Zorgo, Baribare, Gozesi, etc.

During the different waves of the Bawku crisis since October/November, 2021, I have boldly and fearlessly walked about, ridden in tricycles and driven to these nice and lovely Bawku suburbs without wearing any bullet proof vests and other protective gear and without any security escort.

I expect the MPs who are men and women of the people to walk about freely and interact with their own people without any Military and Police Escorts

Are the MPs afraid?! They can never be afraid of their own people.

I am aware some people, including my family members, think I am crazy to be moving about freely in Bawku. My response to them is that I thrive on risky, daredevil escapades!

I wish the MPs from the Kusaug Traditional Area a prosperous and fulfilling visit to Bawku and its environs.

By Owula Mangortey


20th March, 2022

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