Xenophobic Attacks Loom in Ghana as Spare Parts Traders Growl

… Over Nigerians’ Take-Over 

NewsDay Intelligence has picked signals that Nigeria nationals trading in Spare Parts at Suame Magazine, a prominent business hub in Suame Constituency in Ashanti region are likely to fall victim to a possible xenophobic attack in the hands of Ghanaians engaged in a similar trade if urgent measures are not taken by security authorities in the country.

The distasteful friction between the two factions stems from what the Ghanaians say is a take-over of their business by their Nigerian counterparts.

Speaking to the executives of Nigerian Union Traders Association (NUTAG), they disclosed that for instance, on Monday 24th July, 2017, the Ghana Union Traders Association (GUTA) caused a van fixed with megaphones to move round the whole of Magazine airing anti-Nigerian messages, which according to Chief Kizito Obiora, were hateful, having the propensity of inciting GUTA members to attack and molest Nigerian traders in the area.

He disclosed in that months before the protest staged by the executives of GUTA, Nigerian traders had severally experienced harsh encounters  including life threatening messages from some local players, forceful invasion of their shops and threat that they (Nigerians) will be forcefully ejected from the area should they fail to exit on their own accord.

Chief Kizito also recalled on unthinkable event which occurred three months ago where a Ghanaian artisan allegedly invaded the office of a Nigerian uninvited and forcefully took away his mobile phones and some amount of money amidst threatening messages from the perpetrator.

Chief Kizito Obiora told this paper in the interview that recent developments in the area have created fear and panic among Nigerian traders which calls for an urgent security intervention.

He further indicated that all Nigerians trading in the area who are members of NUTAG have duly registered their respective businesses saying that, “All our members have secured residential permit, make diligent payment of their taxes and are all law abiding residents in the region.”

Chief Kizito still in a private dialogue with this paper expressed worry over why the locals despite the above mentioned are still exercising callous acts against them.  “Fear and panic among our members keep increasing on daily basis as a result of the series of intimidating meetings held by executives of GUTA,” he revealed.

Chief Kizito is therefore calling on government and security agencies to intervene by calling to order the local Spare Parts dealers to order.

Source: Christopher Ali || NewsDay, Kumasi



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