Yahaya Kundow appears as Delegates’ favorite in the GA NDC Chairmanship Race

Ahead of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) delegates’ conference, which is expected this weekend, majority of the delegate in the 34 constituencies in the Greater Accra Region (GAR) have opted for the current regional treasurer, Alhaji Yahaya Kundow, as their next regional chairman.

One of the delegates, Kassim, told our reporters that considering the manner in which the ruling NPP is using its youth to ‘misbehave’ and their intent ahead of the 2020 elections, Greater Accra NDC will need a very strong person like Alhaji Yahaya Kundow as Regional chair.

Kassim, a security expert, told this portal that Alhaji Kundow aka Sheikh, has what it takes to lead and unite the NDC front to snatch all lost seats and maximize the votes in the Region for the party in 2020.

He asserted that amongst all the elected regional executives, Alhaji Kundow is and remains the only person always available at the regional office to discuss and help party people to solve their problems.

In an interview with Ghananewsonline.com.gh, in Accra, Alhaji Yahaya Kundow mentioned that a number of problems, including the party being disconnected from the John Mahama led NDC administration affected them in the 2016 general elections.

To this effect, he promised that when given the opportunity he will ensure that it does not happen again. He promised even distribution of logistics to help strengthen the base of the party from now till the 2020 elections and beyond.

“As a grasstroot person myself, I will do proper grassroots mobilization to see to it that the base of the NDC at that level is stronger since we are anticipating a win in the 2020 national elections, because elections are won at the branch levels”, he said.

Alhaji Kundow said he was the only elected regional executive member that party members come to meet in the office to discuss party issues, since their days at the former regional office at Kaokudi.

He said he will continue to be available, respectful, accessible and hardworking; and that is why even the delegates are themselves are campaigning for him to become their next Regional Chairman.

“….Good human relation, hard working cum other leadership qualities are qualities that delegates lookout for, and I have such qualities, so when I win as the next NDC Chairman in the GAR, the teeming party supporters in this region would see more of me to ignite them to work for 2020”, he stated.

Alhaji Yahaya Kundow, who has a background in Security, said security of the in the GAR would also be strengthened under him to protect what belongs to the NDC before, during and after the 2020 general elections.

Source: Elikplim K. Awuyeh

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