YALI West Africa Alumni Ghana says ayekoo! to all Farmers

The Young African Leaders Initiative Alumni Ghana, wishes all farmers and all who are involved along the agribusiness value chain, especially, the nation’s teeming youth a Happy Farmers’ Day.

We commend the Government of Ghana, on the numerous interventions it has made over the years, to improve the opportunities within the agric sector.

We also applaud the efforts of the YALI Network, in promoting agripreneurship, especially, the introduction of a free online course which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: (https://e.america.gov/t/i-l-ntuudjy-zxykirhd-y/).

As part of the YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness initiative, we have prioritized supporting young females to go into agribusiness, and this features key among our agenda for the year 2019.

However, inasmuch as the Government of Ghana has made several strides in making sure that the Agriculture sector triumphs, there is no scintilla of doubts that this year has seen a great yield of food stuffs in excess. Subsequently, farmers faced a great deal of challenges as there wasn’t enough system in place to ensure ready market for sails, so as to boost up farmers to even produce more. In consequence, most produce got rotten and waisted as a result of the unavoidable of ready market and mass storage system. We in YALI believe if this scenario persists, farmers will be demoralized to put in more efforts. In forging ahead, we recommend that government puts in place measures to ensure there’s enough systems available for the facilitation of ready market and the mass storage of the excess yields from our Farmers for future consumption.

In “making our nation great and strong”, we believe strongly that ” we are all involved”. Therefore, we urge the financial sector to favorably consider supporting young people, particularly females in agriculture.

To the entire Ghanaian populace, we encourage every individual to cultivate, or take advantage of the numerous opportunities available in the agricultural value chain.


Bismark Gyamfi
YALI West Africa Alumni, Ghana

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