You are not Usain Bolt, take your time – NDC to Jean Mensa

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has asked the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) to be patient in her dealings towards the upcoming general elections on December 7.

According to the NDC, some of the plans and decisions of the Electoral Commission ahead of the December polls appear to be unrealistic.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, the NDC’s Director of Elections, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, noted that, most of the decisions by the EC in ensuring a safe and credible election in December are not feasible enough.

He said notable among such decisions is the EC’s intention to announce the outcome of the 2020 election within 24hours after Election Day.

According to the NDC, the Electoral Commission earlier in 2019 came out with a decision to declare the result of the election on the 10th of December, thus two days after the election.

Fast forward the EC again announced on November 18, its intention to declare the result on the 8th December, thus 24hours after the election.

“What is the basis of this claim, what mechanisms, structures and systems have the EC put in place to ensure they meet such a plan,” Elvis Afriyie quizzed.

Elvis Afriyie added that this inconsistency leaves doubt about the seriousness of the Electoral Commission as an able institution.

“Madam Jean Mensa is running the EC like her IEA and one-woman NGO where she does whatever she likes…,” he added.

The NDC says the declaration of the result within 24hours after the election is practically impossible, and that, they the NDC would not accept any churn-out result based on any 24hours pressure.

“It is important to have a timely result, but it is better to have an accurate and true result that reflects what the people voted for,” Elvis Afriyie said.

The NDC has therefore, called on the Chairperson to be mindful and patient in her decisions to avoid any misunderstanding during and after the December election.

In the next twelve days to come, the country would be going into its 8th general election under the 4th republic.

By Julius Kwabena Adofo ||

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