You can be an Entrepreneur

The way forward for buoyant economic turnaround lies in the hands of the people where the necessary environment is created by political wills.

Challenges and their begging solutions are scattered and possibly gazing at you earnestly, calling you into action to explore and change the narrative in your life and society.

The youths, particularly are called to be entrepreneurs in the wake of unemployment which saddles the nation. Many well meaning personalities and political functional authorities are urging the youths to be entrepreneurs. Well, the way forward for buoyant economic turnaround lies in the hands of the people where the necessary environment is created by political wills.

The youths are indeed aware of the unemployment situation and calling on the authorities to create more enabling environment, workshops and Ghanaian based entrepreneurial documentaries to get some understanding of the entrepreneurial concept.

You can be an entrepreneur!

You have all it takes to start something and call it your own. Step up and transform your ideas into realities. The industrial revolution took over the world as a result of a persisting challenge. You can build up establishments in the wake of the unemployment situation in the system. Be your own boss; change your life and the world at large now! Remember that whatever you are enjoying are other people’s inventions which you are not incapable of inventing such. Be encouraged now and start with

  • Yourself

The dream business and solutions to that persisting challenge reside in you. You are a complete body to actualize the dream. Start with yourself and all you have now! You are capable and can be an entrepreneur

  • Desire

Translate the burning desires, anger and disappointment in you into reality. Follow your passion and bring a smile to yourself and the society. Nurture the desire and take intentional steps to bring it into fruition. Be inspired by that previous desire that you nursed and activated hence the commensurating results.

  • Solution driven mentality

As an entrepreneur, you focus on persisting problems, think and provide solutions to them. Look around your circles and surroundings, identify a need and generate possible solutions to address the need making you an entrepreneur.

  • Creativity

Explore the creativity within you into the world; imagine and experiment your creativity. Add skills, professional touch and excellence to your creativity. Keep experimenting, shaping and adding value to your dream. Never stop at nothing to explore your creativity to bring your advancement.

  • Replication mind set

Bring the ideas and inventions you have seen and enjoyed to your immediate settings or area. Replicate a business venture in a certain area into your area or more preferred area. Keep reproducing them in any place which lacks such idea or business thereby enlarging your entrepreneurial scope.

See you at the top in the near future celebrating your entrepreneurial success and thanks for taking bold step to take charge of your own life.

By Andrews Tetteh

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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