Your Reputation is brutally bruised Mr President

It is widely known that people with certain kinds of pathology are brilliant at looking like victims when they are actually perpetrators. That’s how I see this whole Nyantakyi matter. When you hear a story, consider the narrator. Who is this person? Why is he or she telling this story? I don’t think the President’s order to the CID to investigate Nyantakyi is enough. What Nyantakyi said about the President, his Vice, his ministers and the government in general needs surgical operation to unravel all the inherent facts. Sometimes people dramatize. If there was true victimisation, then the wish to retaliate is utterly understandable. But if the facts presented do not clearly exonerate the one described as the victim, then efforts must be made to ascertain all the hidden facts. Nyantakyi, is an accomplished lawyer, President of Ghana’s FA, President of WAFU, Vice President of CAF and an executive member of FIFA. He is a friend to the President and his Vice and relates well with many of the President’s appointees. The President himself openly disclosed the perfect relationship existing between the two.

Lying takes more cognitive effort than being honest, because you have to work harder to keep your facts straight. We didn’t see that with Nyantakyi when he was discussing the deal with the investors. He displayed command and confidence throughout the discussion. He exhibited that zeal because of confidence he had in his line of operation and discussions he had with the personalities he mentioned to the investors prior to the meeting. Some seemingly intact people can have paranoid fears at the core. In order to defend themselves they act against others. May be the goal is to take someone else down for regressed, diabolic or unconscious reasons. That was what Nyantakyi, the Police CID and Evans Mensah did. But that act by these three entities worsened the plight of Kwesi and the President. Kwesi as at the time he wrote the purported statement, was aware the so called investors were fake investors Tiger Eye used to them for their investigation. It makes the alleged $8 million donation to the NDC by the investors, useless and baseless

The President and the seat he occupies belong to all of us we cannot watch this serious allegation made against the President, the seat he occupies, his Vice and ministers, sink into the abyss without raising flags especially when the allegation was made by a prominent citizen and close friend of the President. This is a patriotic duty and all Ghanaians must rally together to ascertain the truth. The case has travelled beyond our borders and going to be shown by two powerful international media outlets, BBC and Aljazeera in seventeen languages. A liar will try to be as incomplete as possible on details. People telling the truth don’t have that much trouble narrating their line of action. That was what Nyantakyi exhibited.

What the Police CID and Joy FM did, gives credence to our suspicion. Who advised Nyantakyi to write what he inserted in his caution statement? What was his motivation? These are the critical questions we should be asking those who were out there defending him. Is it that he was assured of a court injunction to stop the TE from premiering the video? And if that was the assurance, didn’t they know BBC and Aljazeera are going to show the video to the world?.

Kwasi will wouldn’t have accepted the $65,000 from the investors if he had not been assured of safety by Karbo and those mentioned knowing what failure to honour his part of the deal would do to his image and the offices he occupy. His narratives show that he has adequate information about happenings in the administration and that’s another angle worth our attention.

We shall delve into the other angles later. But I think we need an independent team apart from the investigation being carried out by the CID to look into this matter.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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