Election 2020: Abibiman Foundation to launch ‘Nkabom’ Peace project

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Ghanaians will be going to the polls to vote in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections on 7th December 2020, which is exactly two (2) months today and it is extremely important we are able to do so in peace and in the freedom of thought.

We of Abibiman Foundation and our partners strongly believe that Ghana has for the past three (3) decades done well for itself and the image of Africa as the most democratic, peaceful and politically stable country in Africa. The democratic development of Ghana continues to serve as a model for a number of countries around the world. Whilst celebrating these successes, we must as a country also be abreast with the potential dangers associated with Elections 2020 and work together as hard as we can to deal with these.

A number of analysts have predicted Elections 2020 to be not only the most contested but also the most challenging in the democratic history of Ghana. This is because the Presidential candidates of the two (2) major political parties have both enjoyed the highest position in the land and are doing everything possible within their power to win the elections and retain the position. We also have very good Presidential candidates from the lesser political parties and other Independent Candidates who are very poised and also counting on the good people of Ghana to hand them the mandate to rule the country. The Covid-19 pandemic has however made the preparations and implementation of elections in many countries around the world very difficult and presented with challenging situations. Issues pertaining to delay and compressed period for the compilation and validation of the new voters register, how to confirm the legitimacy some Ghanaians, baseless allegations and utterances from some politicians and statesmen are all compounding the situations and caused high tension, fear and panic ahead of the elections.

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We of Abibiman Foundation are therefore reminding each and every Ghanaian that elections are about development. It is about engaging very well with electorates on your programmes and policies for them to vote for you. Polls also do not mean pull nor push for the electorates to engage in physical confrontations at any polling centre. We most often believe that as citizens we have the right to excise our freedom of speech, neglecting the general implications of our actions and inactions. We should be mindful that political tensions and pockets of conflicts are neither good for the welfare of children and young people nor for the promotion of businesses and sustainability of livelihoods or development of any country.

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Ghana is the only place Ghanaians can call home and it is therefore the duty of every citizen to ensure Ghana remains peaceful in other to prosper. We are calling for greater display of statesmanship and circumspection from all politicians, traditional chiefs, religious leaders, corporate heads, media and all persons in positions of influence. We should be very quick to refute any baseless allegations, condemn any acts of violent and injustices, and reprimand all persons involved without any form of fear nor favour.

Election 2020: Abibiman Foundation to launch ‘Nkabom’ - Peace project
Election 2020: Abibiman Foundation to launch ‘Nkabom’ – Peace project

We of Abibiman Foundation are extremely pleased to begin the broadcast of the maiden episode of the ‘Nkabom’ – Peace Statements project from Thursday, 8th October 2020 on Ghana Television (GTV). This project consists of five (5) episodes and aims at reassuring and encouraging Ghanaians to continue in their calm and peaceful nature, especially before, during and after Elections 2020 and will cover a period of six (6) months (October 2020 to March 2021) under the ‘Kaboom’ – Journey for Peace and Development programme.

We acknowledge and appreciate the technical support from the Ghana Police Service, National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Peace Council of Ghana, Ghana Journalists Association and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) for the production and broadcast of the episode for October 2020. We continue to count on the support and contribution from individuals, corporate bodies, development partners and media and production houses.


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Thank you.


Mr. Kwabena Ofosuhene (BA, BSc, MSc)

(Founder / Executive Chairman)

(+44 7428 738858)

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