Assembly foments trouble at Mallam Junction

- As it issues lorry park License to 2 Combatants

Information gathered by this medium has it that the Weija Gbawe Municipal Assembly in the Weija Gbawe Constituency of the Greater Accra Region is currently fomenting trouble at Mallam Junction as a result of the double standard stance taken by the Assembly.


According to our information the Assembly in whose jurisdiction falls Mallam Junction, has issued out lorry park license to two combatting claimants to a lorry station there, for the issuance to drivers and traders there.

The two combatantants, who are laying claim to that same station are George Kwortei Boye Quartey popularly called Adam Nana and Abubakar Sadique a.k.a Abass. According to our information the two are already sorting themselves out in court.

Adam Nana

Our information has it that Adam Nana has been operating with the then Ga South Municipal Assembly since January, 7 2012 when he was given a Route Operation permit to operate Public passengers Transport Service (Bus/Lorry) in the name of the Private Transport Owner Association (PROTOA). Adam Nana maintains that ever since that time, he has been operating his assigned routes and also paying taxes as well as issuing lorry park tickets to drivers and traders there. He indicated that as chairman of the PROTOA transport Union, he had been operating his services under section 78 and 79 of the Local Government Act of 1993 (Act 462)

Routes:- According to him his routes included, Mallam Junction – Nsawam; (2) Mallam Junction – Amasaman (3) Mallam – Madina and 4 Mallam junction – Ashaiman. Adam Nana indicated that on yearly basis, he has been rendering his services, paying taxes to the Assembly as well as renewing his licenses.

Assembly foments trouble at Mallam Junction
Hon. Dan Botwe
Minister for Local Government & Rural Development

The Unexpected Happens

According to Adam Nana on September 14 2020 he clashed with Abass and his group, leading to closure of his station and Restaurant that he operates at the station. He stated that the case has been pending before court, and as a Law abiding citizen, he was waiting for the outcome of the case.

Abubakar Sadique Surfaces Amidst Controversy

According to Adam Nana, his satisfaction of the Assembly obligations notwithstanding, Abubakar Sadique surfaced from nowhere, laying claim to the very station he has been operating ever since.

Assembly’s double standard

Our information has it that, the Assembly issued out lorry park tickets to Sadique for issuance to drivers and traders there. Also, it issued same tickets to Adam Nana for the same purpose, thus preparing the grounds for controversy.

When contacted, budget officer, Bless Ajenapor in charge of the issuance of the tickets stated that Adan Nanas Operation had ceased since 2018, and only renewed his operations this year, when he was given the tickets. She maintained that since the Assembly needed revenue, it had to issue out the tickets to Abubakar Sadique. Asked if that would not bring about controversy, Bless indicated that it was agreed between the Assembly and Adam Nana that the tickets could be issued out to a neutral person. As a result, the tickets were issued to the Assembly’s sales girl there for insurance but not Abubakar.

Our Checks

Our checks from the sales girl however proved otherwise. According to the checks, the sales girl is rather in charge of the issuance of way bails and not lorry park tickets it was then gathered that the Assembly covertly or overtly issued out the tickets to Sadique as his boys are seen issuing them out, with him (Sadique) supposing and at the same time issuing it out to Adam Nana, hence our claim that the Assembly is formenting trouble there, knowing very well that the two are combating for the place, with the case pending in court. We’ve also observed that the two controversial tickets have the same serial numbers.

By S. O. Ankomah


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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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