Commander of McDan’s Land Guards Shot Accidentally by Gang Members

“We the people of Ada expect the police to come out with press statement to tell the world what they have seen after the regional commander and his team visited Kablevu a day after the attack.

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The commander of a goon squad that works for ElectroChem, the salt company claimed to be terrorizing the people of Ada over the Songor lagoon, has reportedly been shot in a possible manslaughter.

Alhassan, chief land guard for Electrochem is said to have been hit by stray bullets from his lieutenants who were aiming for the chief of Kablevu, Huadzi Asem, but misfired.

The chief goon is said to have been hit twice and subsequently carried away by his boys.

In a post on the Facebook page of the Ada Songhor Lagoon Association, an association of indigens and activists fighting the bloody hostile takeover of the lagoon by ElectroChem, a company owned by President Akufo-Addo’s friend and NPP bankroller, Daniel McKorley, alias McDan, questions are asked as to why Electrochem, McDan and the Police have all gone mum over the murderous incident.

“When will the police investigate this. The police are silent because it’s about McDan and his ElectroChem Ada salt grabber?

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“We the people of Ada expect the police to come out with press statement to tell the world what they have seen after the regional commander and his team visited Kablevu a day after the attack.

“We know the police have taken side and their findings will be twisted against the community but we are ready to hear it.

“Why is ElectroChem goes silent when it’s land guard leader was hit by his own bullet,” the post asked.

According to the post, Alhassan the head of ElectroChem’s land guards was accidentally hit while beating up the Chief of Kablevu.

He and his gun-wielding squad had gone on rampage in the town and as part of it, Alhassan had booted the chief to the ground and then pounced on him. However, some of the goons had already aimed their guns at the chief and fired. The bullets missed the chief but hit Alhassan while he was still beating up the chief.

“He was involved in the shooting of community members at Salom, Madagber, Luhuor, Toflokpo and the resent one at Kablevu when his own team of land guards missed their target of shooting the Kablevu Chief and the live bullets landed on him rather,” the post said.

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It narrated that, “On the day of incident at Kablevu, Alhassan boot the legs of Chief Huadzi Asem when he was running to escape the attack.

“Nene Huadzi fell on the ground and Alhassan pounced on him whiles on the ground, Alhassan used a button to hit the chief and was about to hand cuffed the chief as he did to the chiefs and people of the above-mentioned communities that experienced ElectroChem Attack.

“Unfortunately and fortunately, Alhassa team of land guards missed their target of firing at Nene Huadzi and the bullet hit Alhassan two times”.

“The land guards quickly carried him by their shoulder and put him into their pickup and drove away.”

Meanwhile, Alhassan’s connection is not to only ElectroChem, but straddles both the company and the NPP government of Akufo-Addo.

“Alhassan, a known criminal has served as personal body guard to the immediate past DCE for Ada West District Hon. A. L Akrofi.

Whiles he was serving the then DCE, he was attached to McDans company ElectroChem company limited as the head of the land guards, an office he has been holding until Kablevu shooting incident,” the post said.

ElectroChem has been wreaking havoc on the people of Ada after the Akufo-Addo government controversially granted the whole of the Ada Songhor lagoon to it to mine for salt at the expense of the people.

The people have since been protesting and response, ElectroChem has been using both Police and gunwielding thugs to terrorize the people often in the form of invasions and shootings.

President Akufo-Addo and his government have kept mum over the atrocities.

Source: whatsupnewsghana

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