Eugene Bashiru wants Unity within Nkrumahists to build Nkrumah’s Legacy

The North Eastern Regional Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Eugene T. K. Bashiru, has appealed to comrades in the Nkrumahist fraternity to as a matter of urgency unite to rebuild the rich ideologies and legacies left the country by the late Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah – the first President of the Republic.

Mr. Eugene Bashiru who twice failed in his bid to become a Member of Parliament for the Chereponi constituency on the ticket of the PNC was speaking to in an interview. He fumed that Ghana has suffered for far too long since the 1966 coup which he classified as subversion, alleging that the Nkrumahist fraternity has since behaved like the prodigal son who never knew his worth and ran away from his rich home.

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He said it is unGhanaian to neglect and point your left finger to your father’s house – “it is a curse and as long as we do not want to dwell in curse any longer, let us make our founder proud by helping in the building of Ghana for the generations unborn,” he stated.

Eugene Bashiru wants Unity within Nkrumahists to build Nkrumah's Legacy
Eugene Bashiru wants Unity within Nkrumahists to build Nkrumah’s Legacy

He called on all political parties that believe in the ideologies of the first president of Ghana to come together to form a strong third force to wrestle power from the corrupt NPP and NDC which are destroying the country.

The Regional Secretary who is lacing his boot to contest the General Secretaryship position of the party in their upcoming national executive elections revealed that his motive for contesting the position is to serve as the liaison to bring all political parties with Nkrumah’s ideologies together to form a formidable political party poised to win power and rescue the people of Ghana.

The vociferous comrade who has for years remained a strong advocate for the reorganization and restructuring of the PNC emphasized that Ghanaians are in dire need of a third force political party that will be in the position to revive the economy and also develop the country from where Dr. Nkrumah left. He blamed the current state of the country on the inability of all Nkrumahists to bring themselves together and fight for a common goal.

“We are always termed as people who want to spoil votes any time we contest for a position in the national elections, how can we win elections after presenting about six candidates who believe in one ideology, it’s impossible, we must unite to fight a common goal and that is what I am striving for. We can boost the CPP, PNC, PPP, APC, GUM, among other parties born out of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s ideology,” he noted.

“Unity is the foundation of all success so we need to unite the party for all-inclusiveness, I will bring Nkrumahist together and form a third force in Ghana; The people of Ghana are looking for a solid third force, I will be the missionary to bring this to reality, I foresee God’s spirit in me to redeem the fall of the Nkrumahist parties to uphold and defend the spirit of Nkrumah.

He indicated that with his position as the General Secretary of PNC, the party will win 14 seats in the 2020 general elections, including some seats from the strongholds of the NPP and the NDC. He lamented that people do not take the PNC as a serious party simply because the awaiting Messiah has not come, hence appealing to all sympathizers and PNC members to entrust the position to him as he is poised to give the party a positive impact by changing its fortunes.

Eugene T. K. Bashiru called for peace and unity among the Nkrumaist fraternity both young and old, the aggrieved and those who have crossed the carpet and also bring together all those who believe in the ideology of Dr. Nkrumah, to build a formidable party believing that the People’s National Convention (PNC) will surely bounce back to rescue the country from it’s the current state.

Source William Dei-Gyau

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