Ghana First Coalition makes suggestions to Government on how to achieve Rapid Economic Latitude

The Ghana First Coalition is ready to support the government in formulating proper policies, and implementation plans to make Ghana a better place to stay.

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The Ghana First Coalition (GFC), – a non-partisan civil society organization devoted to promoting good governance and transparency in Ghana says it has uncovered some factors that are impeding Ghana’s progress and accurate solutions.

A news release signed by the Communications Officer of the GFC, William Boadi and issued on Tuesday, August 29, 2023 said “Ghana has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, but the country’s long-term economic growth is challenged by high energy costs; high levels of government debt, low access to credit; high borrowing costs; low agricultural productivity; and a business climate that hinders investors and the private sector,”

It said the “Rationales for the underdevelopment of the North often underscore its geography and climate. The north is dry, unsuited to growing cash crops, and lacking mineral resources. Another school of thought considers the impact of the colonial experience from 1897 till independence.”

The Coalition is therefore of the view that a focus on the following core areas would fray the country from the mess it has currently found itself. These include

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1. Enhancing conditions for private sector development with quality job growth. The private sector is the savior of most countries. The government must cushion them to employ more workforce and increase productivity.
2. Improving inclusive service delivery; and
3. Promoting sustainable resilient development. Besides, digital transformation is a cross-cutting composition and it is necessary to invest more in technology.
4. Technical and Vocational Education is a mother tool for job creation and economic growth.
5. The government must not misuse taxes.
6. Agriculture can also help lessen poverty, raise incomes, and improve food security for 80% of the world’s poor, who live in rural areas and work mainly in farming settings.

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The Ghana First Coalition says it is ready to support the government in formulating proper policies, and implementation plans to make Ghana a better place to stay.

“We believe that with loyalty, hard work, and good leadership some nations will also borrow from Ghana soon. We are one people, Ghana first.”


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