GWCL assures consumers of safe water and quality

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Management of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has assured consumers in the Bono, Bono East, Ahafo Regions and the general public of quality and safe water for consumption. They said the water that flows through the taps in the homes is safe for consumption.

This was stated in a press release issued and signed by the Chief Manager of GWCL, Stanley Martey, assuring the public that GWCL plants are well-equipped with standard and state-of-the-art laboratories.

This is the full statement issued by GWCL


The Management of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) assures consumers in the Bono, Bono East and Ahafo Regions as well as the general public that water that flows through the taps in their homes is safe for consumption.

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The panic in the above stated regions which is as a result of the contaminated Tano River due to the accident which occurred on the 13th of January 2020, has no effect on the water that GWCL treats and pumps into their homes.

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Management assures all that due to the stringent production processes the company employs in water treatment, water treated by GWCL meets the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) standards before it is pumped into the system for consumption.

All GWCL treatment plants are equipped with standard and in some locations, state-of-the-art laboratories, and as part of the treatment process, the pH of the raw water is tested at source, during the treatment process and ultimately the final clear water which is finally pumped for consumption. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for pH testing is hourly on daily basis but has currently been reduced to 30 minutes due to the current situation and also under 24 hour surveillance.

The pH test is done to check the acidity and or basicity of any solution. GWCL as part of the treatment processes, stock hydrated lime in all its treatment plants which is used in correcting the pH in the event where it is low or high.

Management wishes to assure the general public, that GWCL Experts are working together with the Water Resources Commission, NADMO and the District Assembly to bring the situation to normalcy and that, there is no need for any anxiety in consuming water that flows through the tap.

Source: Eric Nii Sackey || erysaco93@yahoo. com






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