Holocaust Strengthened Israel – Apostle Agbalenyoh declares

Apostle Agbalenyoh indicated that since God works according to His own ways and calendar, the Jubilee Day occur every 50years. He indicated that from 1947, the Next Jubilee Day fell in 1923, with the latest falling in 2023.

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Spiritual Leader and Founder of Seventh Day Theocratic World Congregation, Apostle Dr. Kadmiel E.H. Agbalenyoh has observed that the 1923 massacre of the Six Million Jews by Germany (Holocaust) notwithstanding, it gave more vigour and strength to Israel thereafter.

He pointed out that after that ugly incident, Israel was awoken up in spirit, vigour and strength by Yahweh, the creator of the universe, and no nation however mighty or strong can withstand, let alone over power Israel.

He noted that it was against this background that even with a united Arab front against Israel in the 1940s and 70s, Israel stood victorious. At Otiakrom in the Eastern Region, Headquarters of the church Apsotle Agbalenyoh made these observations during the celebration of the Atonement and Jubilee Day, which he described as Liberty Day that fell on September 7, 2023.

The erudite Apostle with in-depth knowledge in church History and formation buttressed his point with Biblical verses as Ezekiel 37 21-24; Daniel 9; Isaish9 and 12; Lev 25:10. Describing the celebration as the first of its kind in the history of the church, Apostle Agbalenyoh noted that this celebration is hidden from most churches.

Expatiating further, Apsotle Agbalenyoh stated that this Jubilee Celebration occurs every 50years and commands all the necessary demands that go with it. For example drawing closer to God in holiness, truth and faith as well as changing from one’s bad old ways. Also on this day trumpets should be sounded, to make the Day Holy.

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The Apostle Pointed out that this celebration, which was initiated in 1897 culminated in 1947 when after the Second World War (IIWW) the United Nations (UN) divided the land between Israel and the Arabs who wanted Eastern Jerusalem where Israel had the church of God situated. This year, he noted, also urshed independence to Israel as one and not two nations.

Apostle Agbalenyoh indicated that since God works according to His own ways and calendar, the Jubilee Day occur every 50years. He indicated that from 1947, the Next Jubilee Day fell in 1923, with the latest falling in 2023.

He was quick to point out that the Holocaust came about because Israel assisted Britain, the US and their allies during the IIWW. “However after this ugly incident Israel has been awoken in spirit, vigour and strength and no nation on earth, however strong or mighty can withstand, let alone over power her! Apostle Agbenlenyoh, the Judio-Christian Stressed.

6020 Jubilee Confirms Theocratic World Congregation

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“Without Biblical controversy, the restoration of Israel on earth in AD48 was inspired by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel (Jacob). According to prophecy, the nation of Israel would be restored by gentiles world powers, thus fulfilling the prophecy in 1947, when the United Nations passed a solution which divided the land of Palistina (Israel) between Jews and Arabs. Verily, 1947 was the first modern Jewish Jubilee because it has fulfilled the prediction of the Prophet Theodore Herzh, who successfully organized the first Zionist congress in AD 1897. This congress inspired Jewish restoration of the state of Israel after World War II, although prophet hood  of Thoedore Herzh was unknown, his leadership at the 1897 Zionist Congress proved that he was a modern say prophet (Amos 3:7) “Apostle Agbalenyoh stressed.

As to whether worldly powers will continue to control the state of Israel, the Apostle stated, “As Yahweh’s covenant with Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon continues, no powerful gentile nations or world leaders can destroy the Jewish Nation because God Himself established the Kingdom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Ps 83: 4-12)

On the question of what God has thought about the Hebraic kingdom, the erudite Apostle maintained that without any theological controversy, the Hebraic Nation had been divided into Israel, Judah and Joseph.

However, the Almighty God thought of bringing them together on earth. The unification of the Hebraic kingdom is therefore important today (Ezekiel 37:16-17) Subsequently , this unification occurred on May, 14 AD 194 when it became one state called Israel after World War II

Apostle Agbalenyoh pointed out that the second Modern Day Jewish restorative Jubilee therefore occurred in 1998. He indicated that the AD1967 six-day Jewish – Arabs War has also produced the Yom Kippur Jubilee year in AD 2023 on the 10th Ethanim being Atonement Day.

He maintained that their checkered history of scattering, banning and massacre notwithstanding, the most important thing derived from the various Hebraic Religious and Political Jubilees are;

The restoration of Israel on earth, the confirmation of the continuity of the Temple Ordinance of God Himself had commanded inhabitants of the world through prophet Moses on Mount Sinai, (Neh 9:13-14), This, he noted means that the Saturday service; Daily Prayers, Seventh Day Sabbath, New Month Sabbaths, Feast of Passover, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Tabernacles (2 Chronicles 2:3-4) and Atonement Day cannot be replaced on Earth (Zech 14:16-19) with any Christian festival

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