Lockdown Greater Accra and Kumasi for Two-Weeks to stop the Spread of Covid-19 Virus – ADAM-GH to Akufo-Addo

Ghana has recorded it 24th cases of Corona Virus covid -19 since it outbreak in Ghana.

Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana ADAM-GH a civil society group has called President Nana Akufo-Addo to lockdown Greater Accra and Kumasi to stop the spread of the virus to other Regions.

Mr. Azubila Salam Emmanuel executives secretary of ADAM-GH made this call due to the local transmission cases of the virus recorded so far.

It is very unfortunate that, Ghana missed the biggest opportunity when Government failed to prevent the covid 19 virus from entering the country, government negligently opened the flood gate for the Corona Virus to enter the country freely without any restrictions and alternatively, we are now compelled not fail the fight to contain the virus as a country if not there would be disaster. The Executive Secretary of ADAM-GH Mr Azubila added that government should introduce more quarantine centers in all Regions as preparedness towards combating Corona Virus covid-19. Since the outbreak of the Virus in China in December 2019, it has been national disaster to the affected nations and should not have been treated lightly as most of these cases were imported. While we acknowledge the government’s efforts so far, we are of the view that the response has been slow and unsatisfactory for several reasons. ADAM-GH also doubts the commitment of Nana Akufo-Addo to the fight against the spread of the virus as he has demonstrated that he is more interested in votes than the lives of Ghanaians.

Whereas the President has banned all public gatherings, he looked unconcerned as the National Identification Authority (NIA), which is under his office at the presidency, recklessness exposed its staff and citizens in the Eastern Region through their registration exercise in the region. until some citizens sued the NIA and put injunction on the exercise before the NIA subsequently toped it officials for the fear of contempt of court. Currently, the Electoral Commission is holding interviews across the country to recruit temporary staff for voter registration. These acts continue to expose Ghanaians to the horizontal/community spread of the virus which pose a clear and present danger to their lives but President Akufo-Addo seemed not to be aware and looked unconcerned.

We are equally concerned:

  1. That the checks being conducted at the various points of entry into the country started rather late and when it started it was ineffective leading to infected persons entering the country without adequate checks, quarantine and testing. The first few reported cases illustrate this concern.

  2. That many frontline workers lack adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to confidently undertake their work and reduce their risk of infection.

  3. Government has failed to provide the needed resources to various health facilities to effectively respond to the outbreak.

  4. That at present, the government has failed to announce a comprehensive program to adequately contain the spread of the virus and contain same within the shortest time possible knowing that our healthcare system will be overwhelmed and possibly break down when the rate of infections increase.

We are therefore calling on government to as a matter of urgency:

  1. Stop all public institutions including the Electoral Commission from endangering the lives of Ghanaians through their activities.

  2. Develop and announce a coordinated programme of action to curb the spread of the virus and contain the situation within one month. This should include but not limited to:

a. Identifying isolation facilities in every region such as hostels of public tertiary institutions

b. Trace and quarantine all suspected cases including persons who have had contact with and ensure they are tested.

c. Strengthen checks at the various entry points to ensure that all persons entering the country are quarantined

d. Work with industry and other stakeholders to activate delivery services especially in Accra, Kumasi and Obuasi.

e. Immediately lock down the cities of Accra, Kumasi and Obuasi for 2 weeks to avoid further community spread of the virus and the likelihood of the virus spreading to other regions.

f. Direct all REGSECs and DISECs to prepare their regional and district level responses.

g. Put in place mechanisms to ensure that persons who visit pharmacies for assistance are directly taken to health facilities and tested.

  1. Make available adequate resources to effectively fight the pandemic.

We believe that these measures will go a long way to help curb the spread of the virus.

So far, the country recorded cases in only Greater Accra, Obuasi and Kumasi people started running away from these cities to other Regions which is a big threat.

As a country we are required to take immediate steps to create isolation facilities in other regions e.g our university campuses can be used for such purpose with adequate logistics.

As we are tracing and quarantining all persons who have had contacts with the affected persons or those with high risk of Corona Virus covid 19 infections are immediately quarantine from their homes and communities to avoid further spread of the virus. These Regional centers should be created with all services available to deal with the situation.

Pharmacists should directly report suspicious cases to emergency lines instead of turning people away from their pharmacies upon suspicious of covid 19 virus.

We should be able to better manage and contain the situation if not we are likely to fight this virus beyond the president four weeks timeline and record high cases in the coming weeks.

As much as we must cooperate and support government in the fight against the deadly Corona Virus covid-19, ADAM-GH owe it a duty to Ghanaians to hold government accountable in their responses and pragmatic measures put in place to end the calamity as soon as possible.

As a country we have already missed several opportunities putting measures in place to prevent the virus from entering into the country and we should not fail to stop it from spreading.

From ADAM-GH observations, the President is just holding press conferences and issuing authoritative directives, exhibiting presidential Vito powers and updating the general public on the increase of covid 19 cases but not putting more action to remedy the situation.

  1. The $100m the President said he has made it available is non-existent.
    This is not the time to be running to IMF for world Bank loans.

Government should be serious and use the USD 150 million allocated to the E.C for the new voters Register to fight this virus, Ghanaians need to be alive before December 2020 elections. How long can government wait to receive the IMF loan before raising the necessary resources to save this country?

Some border posts do not have the PPEs and themometres to run initial test and checks of the virus.

There are a lot of people who are potential carriers of the disease walking unknowingly which is very dangerous.

We are therefore, calling the president to put more effort in fighting this Corona virus.

Signed :
Azubila Salam Emmanuel,
Executive Secretary of ADAM-GH.
Mobile: 0544418072.

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