LT. GENERAL OBED AKWA: Did the Interior Minister determine deployment of NEW COBRA ARMOURED VEHICLES? – Owula Mangortey wonders

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I am a Citizen.

The current Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. General Obed Akwa is enigmatic.

He comes across as a professional soldier, patriot, nationalist who strives to serve the nation to the best of his abilities.

He served as the ADC to President Kufuor, Chief of Army Staff under President Mahama, and morphed into a Chief of Defence Staff under President Akufo-Addo.

General Akwa must have some key qualities and credentials which make it possible for him to serve at such key Military, Security and Intelligence levels under three democratically elected Presidents.

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However, I wish to urge the Chief of Defence Staff to sit up because there are certain signs of schism lurking at the surface in the Ghana Armed Forces.

As I was sitting under the village mango tree and wondering why and how Human Rights Advocates like President Akufo Addo and Nana Asante Bediatuo would abuse state power to settle personal scores on 9th May, 2017,
I received a report of an occurence in the Northern Command of the Ghana Armed Forces.

I reproduce the report unedited for the attention of General Akwa:

(1). On 31st December 2019, six (6) cobra armoured personnel carriers (APCs) were despatched from the 154 Armoured Regiment at Sunyani, to be deployed under the Northern Command.

(2). As part of the deployment plan, (two) 2 of the APCs were to be deployed in Bolgatanga in support of OPERATION

(3). Before the two (2) APCs would be despatched to Bolga, the Chief of Defence Staff directed that they should rather be deployed in Tumu.

(4). Information later received indicated that the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery had directed the CDS to have the (two) 2 APCs deployed in Hamile.

(5). During the course of the week, reports indicated that the COAS and CDS checked with the GOC to find out what had happened in his AOR because there had been reports emanating from the Flagstaff House that soldiers deployed were acting unprofessionally.

(6). The only reason to justify the report of an unprofessional act was a soldier dressed in Camo, vest and boots.

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(7). Upon further checks, it was revealed that on 1st January, 2020, the Interior Minister in the company of some of his constituents had gone to the living area of troops at Hamile and met a soldier dressed in Camo vest and boots.

(8). Whiles interrogating the soldier, other colleagues joined. Accordingly, the Interior Minister mentioned that:

a. “We have given your Commanders GHC 1.5 billion for Op Conquered Fist alone and is that the best of accommodations they can give you?”

b. “I have ordered the CDS to deploy 2 of the APCs to Hamile because I don’t see their usefulness in Tumu.”

(9). Within the period of his engagement with the troops, the two (2) APCs arrived from Tumu where they had initially been deployed.

(10). From all indications, we believe the CDS succumbed to the directive of the Interior Minister to have the two (2) APCs deployed to Hamile.

(11). This was against the operational plan of deploying them initially to Bolga and later to Tumu.

(12). The Interior Minister’s comments will incite troops against their Commanders.

(13). It is clear to the troops that the Interior Minister sought to score political points by proving to his Constituents that he is so powerful to order the Military High Command to adjust Operational Plans based on his directives.

(14). The CDS, COAS, GOC must tell us something better why the Ops plan can be changed by Ambrose Derry’s directives.

As a Citizen, I will advise the Ministers responsible for) National Security, Defence and Interior to keep their eyes fixed on the period 9th May to 5th June, 2020.

I Shall Retunr (sic)

Owula Mangortey
8th January, 2020

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