Macho Amoako-Atta Arrests the Outlaws – Heeeehaw!!!

I shall try to contain the excitement I feel knowing that the NPP government is on a warpath against impudence, mismanagement, chaos, and illegalities.

There are people who guard the integrity of the government that they are members of with every iota of strength in them. I wish that all the Ministers will be as vociferous as the Minister for Roads and Highways, though, Honourable Amoako Atta.

The impunity introduced by the NDC has long overstayed its welcome. It can only be accommodated by an NDC government presided over by an incompetent, inactive, clueless, and corrupt person such as John Dramani Mahama. The Turkish construction company apparently has close ties with people from the previous government who are flagrantly flouting the laws because it became an addictive norm under John Mahama. They have further been emboldened by the lack of punitive prosecutions that we have all been waiting for. However, prosecutions or not, Akufo-Addo is hell bent on ensuring that this country assumes the reality of who we are as a nation; a people well woven and knitted in the fabrics of piety, patriotism, honour, and dignity. Three years on, and we are lurching forward appreciably albeit not at the pace all would have wished. It is imperative to note that it is not always that the winds blow into the sail, and in as much as we want the ship to sail faster except that the drag of the ocean currents reduce its speed.

The District Assemblies that are breaking the laws of the land, stabbing the President in his back must be arrested and jailed as soon as possible. We cannot progress as a nation with thieves, nation wreckers, and saboteurs taking us for a ride. The Turkish company must be dealt with in a very stern manner to deter its likes from breaking the laws of the land and disregarding the authority of the courts. Certainly, Ghanaian entities abroad will not be countenanced in the event they are found in such a compromising breach like destroying valuable roads, painstakingly constructed under the difficult circumstances as Ghana has always found herself in. The Minister for Roads and Highways has done a yeoman’s job having freed the Road fund from mortgage to the UBA Bank that allegedly charged the nation some 38% interest, which John Mahama condoned without any regard to the plight of the Ghanaian.

Amoako-Atta has lured investments from all over the world to achieve in three years what the NDC could not in 27 years in this sector.

President Akufo-Addo has empowered his ministers to do the needful. The Macho Amoako-Atta exhibited the resolve of the NPP government and his ministry to disallow such impudence, no matter who the perpetrators were. He has proven his mettle as a no-nonsense lone ranger who has roped in the construction outlaws as he would do with any other entity that destroys the roads which he struggles to get funding for, heehaw!!! More importantly, he has broken the spate of propaganda that the criminal NDC threw at him. Even in the midst of his peers, he stands out as a different kettle of fish, where he breaks off from the norm to achieve an end result we all want; belief in certain necessary action that we do not often witness, as the rambo style of bringing to an end impunity by rich foreign contractors. He does not shake at the derogatory moves that the NDC goons make against him, an iron heart scenario he derives his courage from. No wonder he showed his angst at the misdemeanor of the Turks in a rather unorthodox, but welcoming manner, without fear of any rebuttals.

The NDC, as evil a devil as can be, cannot rest for a minute without pulling mischievous tricks on the nation. Theirs is an ideology of political flatulence, coupled with acerbic propaganda that tries to make mockery of everything beautiful and beneficial, knowing very well that they survive in putrid malevolence and cancerous conditions of hellishness.

There is always a bone of contention between political parties. It is a precedent all over the world, but in the case of the NDC, they can never be of relevance to the status quo, which is beginning to consolidate to shed them off like the involuntary exfoliation of a snake’s skin.

Still #4More4Nana

By Fadi Dabbousi


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