New Chief of Gbawe unites Community with Alikoto Festival

It is climaxed with sprinkling of Kpokpoi to the Royal Cemetery in remembrance of their fore fathers.

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Barely two years after being made Chief of Gbawe in the Weija/Gbawe Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Boye II has kept the town further in unity by introducing Alikoto Festival, which has not only caught up with the people, but also come to live with them.

Subsequently, the two year – old festival has attracted people from all walks of life to Gbawe to participate in the festival. In an exclusive interview with about the festival at his Gbawe Palace last Tuesday, August, 29 2023, Nii Boye stated that this year’s celebration has seen tremendous improvement over last years.

He pointed out that this year’s celebration started last Monday August 28, 2023 with an eight day duration, filled with divergent and ecstatic programmes. According to him, Alokoto is an initiative by the Royal Gbawe Kwatei Family to showcase the rich Ga Culture in diverse ways.

He stated that when Ga Mashie has finished with its Homowo Celebration, the Gbawe Kwatei Royal Stool is given two weeks to embark on this celebration in remembrance of their fore fathers and also to ensure that the rich Ga Culture lingers on.

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The Day One: According to Nii Boy the first day attracts what is known as Chantable journey, during which the community feed street children with food, drinks, water and many more

Day Two: Nii Boye maintained that the community makes a journey to Alafa to fetch water to remind how their old folks used to fetch water for their domestic chores before the advent of pipe born water.

Day three: Nii Boye Stated that the third day attracts a sports fiesta, where all manner of games are exhibited in a magnificent sport entertainment filled with a passionate feeling and existent, experience amidst great confidence, enthusiasm and comradeship, when the young and old manifest sports, skills with impeccable expertise.

The 4th Day, which is termed old Thursday attracts the theme, “Lets bring back the good old days when grandpa was a young boy”.

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Nii Boye indicated that on this day, they put on old and quear dresses for fun, with the Slogan “Sobioo Sobii”. He maintained that this is another form of culture full of passionate feelings to welcome family members who have travelled from far and near to join hands in the festivities. Such family members, Nii Boye maintained bring along food stuffs to prepare “Kpekle” to hoot at hunger hence the name “Homowo” (Hunger is ashamed) as Ga Culture and tradition demands.

The 5th day attracts the Slogan “Ajenu Loo, Ajenu baa”? According to the chief, this is about the ancient story on obligation to the next generation doing a disservice not only to our profession, but to our children and their children”. Give something of a meaning to your audience by inspiring, engaging and educating them with a story. Stop marketing and tell a stop!” he stated philosophically.

The 6th day, Nii Boye stated, attracts a health walk The Gbawe Youth Alliance Walk which brings together the youth to make more friends.

The 7th day is dubbed, “Naa Alokoto Beauty Pageant!! Expatiating on this, Nii Boye stated that it was a pageantry of a sort that looked beyond ecstasy”. We need to educate our girl child in line with Dr. Aggreys proclamation, the sweet way to keep a people down is to educate men and neglect women. If you educate a man, you educate and individual but if you educate a woman you educate a whole family”! Nii Boye stressed

The 8th day, Nii Boye said was termed the ancient story of the great hunter!! Passed on from one generation to another in diverse ways because we don’t have leaders but rather guide lines!. “He said smiling. Then it is climaxed with sprinkling of Kpokpoi to the Royal Cemetery in remembrance of their fore fathers.

These narrations were made before Nii Brenya Agyeman Boye I, Pokuase Atiti Dzaasetse and Principal ruler of the Gbawe Kwatei Family.

Patronage and sustainability; Nii Boye stated that patronage had been very high this year as companies like MTN, Guinness Ghana, Accra Brewery had all mounted stands and given positive vibe to improve their plans. Also on strand were numerous local companies. “It is a life –long and sustainable vision!” Nii Boye said smiling.

He was quick to point out that security was high – police, military, fire service etc to avoid any acts of criminality

By S.O. Ankamah

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