Our Constitutional Democracy Is 30 Years (Part1)

Ghana, since 1992 when we accepted democracy as a way of governance system, we have not looked back. We have elected our leaders both the executive and legislature through the ballot box for 30 years.

Ghanaians must commend themselves for sustaining their democracy for 30 solid years. We should not underestimate this success we have so far chalked.

Many countries on our African continent have not been able to nurture their democratic culture to the stage or the number of years we have reached.

There are many despots on the continent who are not democratic and are not ready to make the process or the culture thrives.

Ghana, since 1992 when we accepted democracy as a way of governance system, we have not looked back.
We have elected our leaders both the executive and legislature through the ballot box for 30 years.

We have an independent Judiciary, very vibrant media,vibrant civil society organization,numerous tink- tanks, and all the essential ingredients of Democracy freely doing their jobs.

Our nation is a secular one where the 1992 Constitution is the Supreme law and no law supersedes it.

We have to thank God for giving us the power and the democratic thoughts to be choosing our Presidents from late President Rawlings to the current sitting President Nana Akufo-Addo in democratic ways.

Presidents Kufour, late Prof Mills and Mahama must be applauded for adhering to the tenets of the Constitution.They served and left office without making any attempt to thwart the Constitution.
They served their people to the best of their abilities.

They were not perfect as they were and are humans.

Our nation is too partisan and at times with sickening media in some aspects, but it is better than militia or military regimes and despotic governments we see around us.

It is therefore disheartening when some citizens are clamouring for military takeovers maybe because of some infractions in our democracy.

We should never consider such nefarious governments or regimes.

We have seen them before and nobody will celebrate their style of governance.
The disadvantages of such governments are countless.

Today those who called for the overthrow of their civilian regimes in some of our sister countries are now being incarcerated in their various countries prisons without being given the right to legal process or representation.
They have regretted and are calling for the restoration of Democracy in their countries.

Democracy has its own constraints but the alternative is not military regimes.
Ghana is blessed with the power of understanding to appreciate the relevance of Democracy, rule of law and constitutionalism.

There are processes of removing or changing our leaders if they go contrary to the Constitution of the Republic but the option is not in an unconstitutional way.

As we celebrate this 30 years of our democratic milestone, the Parliament of Ghana should be celebrated as well.Parliament as the citadel of democracy, is the forum where the population is represented.

Our representatives or Members of Parliament are our legislators and watchers of the the actions and inactions of the Executive.

They ensure that the Executive manages the affairs of the population as the law recommends.

They also ensure that the Executive manages the nation’s purse very well and serve the people according to the dictates of the law.

The current 8th Parliament of the 4th is the most unique House or Parliament.
Almost an equal number of seats, leading member of the opposition won the seat of the Speaker, an almost rejected member is now the 2nd Deputy Speaker and the most powerful MP and having a member who has been barred by the Supreme Court of the land from holding himself as a member of the House until the Court decides an application brought against his qualification as a citizen.

He has a criminal and a civil cases hanging around his neck.

Also for the first time, most majority members of the ruling party are calling on their own Finance Minister to resign else they would not do business with him.

Another excellent Parliament was the 2nd Parliament of the 4th Republic(1997).It was a Parliament that produced political and legal colossus such as Hon JHMensah, Hon Nana Akufo Addo, Kwamena Bartels, Kifi Konadu Apraku, Papa Owusu Ankomah, Gladys Asmah, Theresa Ameley Tagoe, Hawa Yakubu, Osafo Marfo, Richard Anane, Yaw Barmah, John Achiwulor, SK Boafo, Lawyer Aidoo, Nana Akomea on the side of the New Patriotic Party(Minority).

On the Majority side we had Alban Bagbin, Doe Adjaho, John Asiefu Nketiah, JH Owusu Acheampong, Ama Benyiwa Doe, John Mahama etc.

So far so good in our democratic culture.We have not attained perfection but we have gone beyond a good grade.
All hands must be on deck to keep, defend,protect and sustain this culture of Democracy and the Constitution of the Republic.

Ghana is not as bad as some naysayers are trying to portray.

Yes,challenges we have in many areas such as corruption, mismanagement, economic downturn, sanitation and others, but we can still overcome them.

Democracy allows us to criticise our leaders and others, but it must be done within the remit of our laws.
We should halt using any unprintable words against our country, no matter the degree of anger or annoyance. 

Congrats to all who contributed and still contribute to the growth of our democratic culture. 

Ahmed Osumanu Halid

Part One

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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