Owula Mangortey reminds President Akufo-Addo of contents of a 06/01/22 writeup….

Why Military/Police Force and Criminal Court Cases are unlikely to stop some Mamprusis from installing a rival Bawku Chief - An Owula Mangortey observation...

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I have physically been present in Bawku for some weeks in December, 2021 and early parts of January, 2022(.)

My family and associates think I was crazy to go to Bawku under curfew (6pm to 6am, and later 8pm to 8am), and where a pregnant woman was executed for failing to give directions to a targetted house to some armed men(.)

My response was/is simple: It was/is my daredevil nature at play, and that they should know that I thrive on risky, daredevil escapades, after all, as our respected Daredevil Most Senior Holy Prophet declared, ALL-DIE-BE-DIE!!

I have observed the ebb and flow, the swash and the destructive backwash of the Kusasi/Mamprusi conflict(.) I have observed Government’s Security deployments in Bawku and its environs(.) I have observed reactions to Government’s powerful pronouncements on its position on the Bawku Chieftaincy conflict through, ironically, the Ahanta West MP, who has serious unresolved conflicts in his Lower and Upper Dixcove backyard, and the MP for Nandom, who publicly confessed that he was sweltering under attacks in his backyard for allegedly sequestering land from one ethnic group for the benefit of another(.)

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Government surprises Mamprusis

From what I gathered from S&As, the arrest of some Bawku Mamprusis and ongoing legal proceedings came to them as a surprise(.)

Though the Mamprisis knew the position of the Military/Police on the performance of the funeral of their late Chief (they were aware of an injunction from the Garu court), most of them thought the wide branches of the Nayiri would have given them some kind of covering and immunity, especially now that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its Mamprusi Vice President Bawumia from Walewale and Kpasinkpe are in power(.)

The Nayiri factor in resolving the crisis

Mamprusis in general hold the Nayiri in high regard and listen to him alone in such chieftaincy, traditional and ethnic matters(.) There is no Mamprusi in Bawku Central who by himself can install a rival Chief without seeking the express will, blessing and authority of the Nayiri(.) In other words, it is inconceivable for any Mamprusi to act contrary to the orders of the Nayiri(.)

To enskin or not to enskin

Keeping my ears to the ground, I can state that some Mamprusis in Bawku believe that a new chief will be enskined with the blessings of the Nayiri(.)

Even with the coercive powers of State Security and the Courts, some Mampusis are determined to enskin a rival Bawku Chief through fair or foul means(.)

Funeral of the late Mamprusi Chief of Bawku

The performance of the funeral of the late Bawku Chief, Adam Zangbego, who died some 41 years ago, was considered the only box left to be ticked in the enskinment process(.) As the funeral was purportedly performed recently by the Mamprusis, the way is cleared for the enskinment ceremony(.)

Renovation of houses

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S&As confirmed that all four (4) gates of the Mamprusi claimants to the Bawku Skin have started or completed renovation of their houses in readiness for the “chieftaincy contest”(. )

The house of a successful candidate becomes the palace

According to S&As who have knowledge of the processes but are not allowed to speak publicly to the issue, each of the four gates have reportedly selected and presented their candidates to the Nayiri(.)

Relying on some translations of some recently leaked audio conversations, it is quite apparent that the Mamprusis will go ahead with their plans of installing a rival Chief and damn the consequences(.) They have constantly referenced the Bolgatanga Skin issues as the blue print for Bawku(.)

According to S&As, one of the arrested persons, Dr. Samuel Bugri who is a retired medical doctor and a member of the Bawku Inter Ethnic Peace Committee, is widely considered as one of two topmost candidates being considered by the Nayiri (.) The other is Alhaji Sulemana Yirimea(.)

Nalerigu power keg

According to a source close to traditional power and authority in Nalerigu, “the Nayiri seems to have changed his position on the Bawku matter in recent times. In the past, he was clear and straight forward with them(Bawku Mamprusis) anytime they came asking to be enskined”(.)

It is perceived that some of the seven (7) key Elders and some Aides around the Nayiri, are taking advantage of his advanced age to manipulate the Bawku chieftaincy issues to their benefits(.)

The Nayiri is key to peace and security in Bawku

Sources say, the current Nayiri’s mother is a Kusasi who hails from Kusanaba in the Bawku West District(.) Constant stakeholders’ consultations with the Nayiri can avert strive between his Mamprusi and Kusasi kinsmen. Accordingly, he is the one person who can halt the installation of a rival Chief in Bawku in order to avert conflict between his Mamprusi and Kusasi relatives(.)

“If the Nayiri says “No” or does not feel compelled to enskin anyone in Bawku, there will be NO rival Mamprusi Chief in Bawku,” said the source(.)

“The Niyiri factor is key to resolving the Bawku Chieftaincy dispute,” the source opined(.)

In my humble view, a threat of arrests and enforcement of Law and order in Bawku can achieve an unsustainable pyrrhic victory(!!)

Rapid, sustained, diplomatic and traditional consultations with the Nayiri need to be pursued by the Government and its Security Chiefs and other stakeholders(.)

I shall return to Nalerigu and Bawku, next week(.)

Owula Mangortey
6th January, 2022

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