QNET’s Top Executives meet the media, outline plans to continue fighting misrepresentation and scams in Ghana and beyond

"By providing comprehensive training programs, we equip our IRs with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate ethically, avoid fraudulent practices, and provide accurate information to potential customers."

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QNET, a prominent lifestyle and wellness direct selling company with an appreciable presence in Ghana, has explained the proactive measures it is taking to address and mitigate the issue of scammers and scamming-related activities associated with the direct selling industry and misrepresentation associated with its operations in Ghana.

The company says it has adopted a multi-pronged approach to combat the issue through public education, adherence to strict guidelines, collaboration with authorities, monitoring systems, customer support, and training initiatives.

“QNET strives to maintain a trustworthy and fraud-free environment for its business operations in Ghana and to a large extent on the African continent,” explained Malou Caluza, who is the Deputy Chairperson for QNET. She said this in an interaction with some journalists from West Africa who are currently in Malaysia, attending the annual VCON Malaysia – The biggest gathering of QNET’s Independent Representatives across the world.

On Educational Initiatives, she explained that QNET has invested in comprehensive awareness campaigns to educate the public about the modus operandi of scammers and how to distinguish them from legitimate QNET’s independent representatives. These initiatives aim to empower individuals to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to scams. In Ghana, QNET rolled out the ‘Mama Campaign’, a 360 comprehensive public education campaign with key messages disseminated via outdoor advertising, television, radio, and online portals.

QNET has also established strict guidelines and policies for its independent representatives to follow. These guidelines explicitly prohibit any form of unethical practices, misrepresentations, or fraudulent activities. By maintaining a strong moral compass, the company ensures that its representatives conduct business responsibly and transparently.

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Chief Legal Officer for QNET, Nikhil Patel, said QNET works closely with local law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, and consumer protection organizations in various African countries, including Ghana, to identify and report fraudulent activities.

“By actively cooperating with authorities, QNET aids in the apprehension and prosecution of scammers to deter illegal practices within its network,” he explained.

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Another measure the company has put in place is continual monitoring of the activities of its IRs and other actors in its ecosystem.

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer for QNET, Trevor Kuna, said the company has implemented robust monitoring systems to identify any suspicious activities or deviations from its policies. He said regular audits are conducted to ensure compliance and to promptly identify and address any potential issues associated with scammers.

On customer support and redressal system, QNET says it has established a dedicated customer support system to assist individuals who may have encountered scammers or have concerns about fraudulent activities.

“Customers can reach out to this support network to report any suspicious behavior and seek guidance on the legitimacy of transactions or representatives, and we are very passionate about this because it defines how serious we take our business,” explained Ramya Chandrasekaran, Group Chief Communications Officer of the QI Group.

Biram Fall, the Regional General Manager for QNET’s Sub-Saharan Africa Operations revealed that the company has invested heavily in the training and development of its independent representatives.

“By providing comprehensive training programs, we equip our IRs with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate ethically, avoid fraudulent practices, and provide accurate information to potential customers,” he noted.

By Jeorge Wilson Kingson || ghananewsonline.com.gh

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