Shocker in Juaboso Parliamentary Contest as Pastor Lately pops up

True to the saying that “wonders will never end up in this world”, Ghana’s forthcoming general elections have equally been fraught with many wonders.

With the presidential candidates registered so far, according to the Electoral Commission reports, two are females, two are former and present presidents, one is a pastor and an independent candidate.

In the same vein, the parliamentary contest has joined the bandwagon of wonders and surprises in the upcoming elections. In the Juaboso constituency parliamentary contest, another Pastor has popped up at the eleventh hour, amidst waves – making though in the person of Major Prophet Elijah Appiah Frimpong, Founder, Leader and General overseer of Elijah Miracle Worship Centre, who is running on the ticket of the people’s National Congress (PNC).

Asked how he would marry the two, (Pastoral and Politics), he stated that this was no problem at all. He indicated that he is the General Overseer of the church and that the day – to – day administration of the church was in the hands of others. He argued that all politicians also go to church.

When further asked if politicians who used to seek spiritual assistance from him when he had not gone into politics would feel easy coming to him again, he said they could go elsewhere.


Prof. Elijah stated that looking at the miserable state of Juaboso, he feels obliged to go into politics in order to bail out the town from such misery. He was sad that Juaboso should lack in simple things like tarring of town roads and a playing field. He argued that while outside, we cannot help. Hence his decision to join politics to contribute his quota to the development of the town, whose good is at his heart.


The aspiring MP pointed out that should he win power, he will develop the youth VIA sports, while empowering women. He hinted that as a sportsman and footballer, he will promote sports, especially football, the passion of the youth to make them happy. This way, he will ensure that Juaboso, the district capital gets a befitting playing field, with same throughout the District. He mentioned that he had been involved in a lot of football activities, hinting that he named the Juaboso based team “Sefwi All Stars’. He stated that as he joins the race, he will organize a series of football matches throughout the District.


When asked this question, the Pastor turned politician answered in the affirmative, explaining that he had the ambition within him. While stating that God’s time is the best, and that this was the opportune time, Prof Elijah said this was the frist time. He is on record to have urged Christians to go into politics and stopped their hypocrisy of not doing politics in the open, but ended up doing it on large scale underground


Prof. Elijah opined that politics is not a dirty game as had been portrayed by Ghanaians. He maintained that it was to correct this wrong impression that he had entered into it. He argued that if people with integrity entered politics, this wrong conception would be done away with, and also bribery and corruption associated with it, would be ridden off. Also, the politics of insults, curses, acrimony and the like, would be done away with.


Prof. Elijah who went for his forms on Thursdays, October 8, 2020 a day before the closure of submission of the filling forms, pointed out that with God nothing was impossible. He noted that though there are big parties around he wanted to join the race from the low side, from where he would be raised high by God, whose ways are wonderful. “if all animals were like the elephant, from where would one get meat for soup? “he quarried, explaining that elephant meat was just scarce.

He pointed out that though the PNC was not strong on the ground there, he accepted the offer when the Regional and District executives approached him with the idea. The PNC parliamentary aspirant indicated that he used to counsel them, and seeing that he had the ideas, they approached him and he accepted the offer, hinting that he had been a card bearing member as far back as 2012. According to him, now that he has popped up, he will, together with the district executives resurrect the party through campaigns and radio programmes.

Prof. Elijah has been a regular host on locally–based “Rainbow FM” in programmes as “Ahintasem” and “Prophetic prayers” on Thursday and Fridays (in the evenings).

He indicated that his appearance on the political scene will come as a shocker to both the NPP and the NDC. He admitted that though he may not get the ultimate, he could pull a surprise, stressing that “Obosom anim, yeko no emprensa” (we appear three times before the shrines). The MP – aspirant was however quick to point out that he will readily accept the verdict of the 7th December elections.

He subsequently appeared to all to do the same, remain calm, and avoid the country of any anarchy before during after the election.

By S. O. Ankamah

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