The ‘fake’ gold stool of Akyem Abuakwa

When the Greatest African Prophet, Anokye, commanded the Golden Stool from the Gods’ abode, it was deemed a spirito-intellectual property and thus copyrighted as such.

As such, the decree attached to the Golden Stool is, he who makes himself another golden stool commits a sacrilegious act punishable by death-according to the 77 laws of Anokye, as revealed to him by the Gods- unless it is peacefully destroyed.

As such, for example, when King Adinkra of Gyaman ( present day Ghana – Ivory Coast border) fashioned himself a golden stool, it was peacefully asked to be destroyed. When Adinkra failed to pay heed, Gyaman was invaded and the rest is history.

Today, USA is in a Trade War with China because the latter has contravaned copyright and intellectual property rights.

Had it been a century ago, the US and China would be at war. Then again, who knows what could happen tomorrow – combining with US recently poking its nose in Hong Kong demo and the stance for Taiwan. These three factors could spark a full blown Pacific war.

In Ghana, we burn fake textile goods, for example. We cry against fake China goods, including rubber rice, invading our lands.

Now, while Asante is ready to die for the SIKA KOFI DWA anytime and has exhibited it time and again through history -Prempeh exile, Yaa Asantewaa etc- with the most recent in 1959, it can also be argued that, the statue of limitations on fake golden stools has expired. And it did expire in 1957.

Thus Akyem Abuakwa can keep its fake golden stool, which we are told came out of a river or sea like Arthur’s excalibur- correct me if I’m wrong. Of course in this day and age of galamsey, a ship made of gold can even pop out of the Densu.

Nonetheless, happy 20th Leopard King.

As an Nsuase Assenie-ni, I’m forever grateful. For your brother Asona-ni (Akenten) gave my ancestors land to settle on when they migrated and founded our present village- decades before the arrival of the Sika Dwa- albeit my ancestors paid for the land.

May your reign last long and in peace, Kwabibiremhene- Asona Piesie- Amoatia Ofori Panin.


Source: Akwasi A Afrifa Akoto

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