When did Bawumia learn about Rent Control Laws in Ghana?


On July 1st 2020, an aspiring Independent Presidential Aspirant Mr Samuel Ofori Ampofo Launched a 2020 campaign document at the Osu Presbyterian Church Conference hall. On the 7th July exactly one week later, Mr Ofori Ampofo was hosted on Asempa FM  program ABROKYIRE NKOMO, by Kwaku Amankwaatia alias “ AKONTA JOE”.

Mr Ofori Ampofo discussed his policy document which covered RENT AND RENT ADVANCE PAYMENT IN THE COUNTRY. Mr Ampofo disclosed his government will review the existing rent control laws and institute measures to limit advance payments for residential accommodations to one month and one and half months security payments which would be deposited in Bank for as long as the tenant lived in the accommodation until he or she decides to move out, when the deposit would be applied against any damages in the said abode. That security mr Ampofo indicated will be refunded to the tenant if it is determined that there was no damages on inspection by the landlord. 

On July 15 it was reported on Peace FM on line that a visit to the Rent Control office by the Vice President and the Housing Minister, to announce the digitization of the department and giving an indication of his government’s intention to regulate advance payments in the Country. Wooh, wait a minute, is he joking and making a mockery of the poor in Ghana?

Fellow Ghanaians such are the policies that any good government will initiate to solve the pain and sufferings of the poor in society. If the vice President is not just doing this as a window dressing to deceive the voting population or poor Ghanaians, I don’t mind him stealing my idea and really compliment same for the good of our people.

I want somebody to however, tell the vice President and his Housing Minister Samuel Atta Akyea, not to play politics with the people of Ghana because they are not going to get away with such political deceptions and failed promises. 

Samuel Ofori Ampofo.

(2020 Independent Presidential Aspiarant)



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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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