It is unfair to blame Leaders alone over Corruption in Ghana – Onipayede

Onipayede Osom Teye, an Independent Presidential Aspirant in the 2020 General Elections who later stood down his interest has condemned the act where citizens blame leaders alone when a nation is beyond corruption.

In an interview with on Wednesday, Onipayede said many citizens in one way or the other support leaders to steal what originally belongs to the state.

“Corruption is when a system is working and one or few people decide to compromise on their duties for bribe or other grounds, but when you have groups formed out from political parties, tribes or families teamed-up to take on anybody who can question or stop them, and are also desperate to even kill anyone on their way, then it is no more corruption but gang of thieves or robbers, and such groups can never succeed without the support of majority or some citizens” Onipayede stated.

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He said there are always three categories in gang supporters which include those who get percentages of amounts stolen by the gang, those who will not get anything but admire the gang because of tribalism, family or political affiliation; and those who use their monies or resources to bribe their way into getting positions in the country.

“Sometimes I find these supports very strange because why would someone support a gang that will rob his own nation, and get something little or gain nothing at all or end up losing? when someone is doing something strange to you, take your time and watch it very well, you will see if it is not out of extraordinary wisdom, then it is ignorance or foolishness or stupidity.

“If a nation gets to a stage of gangsters upfront then it is unfair to blame the leaders alone because we the citizens blaming the leaders are those who voted for them and also supporting them to steal us” Onipayede observed.

By William Dei Gyau

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