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The Executive Secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH), Azubila Salam Emmanuel, has described the action of the NIA and Attorney General as Nana Addo slaughter house who’s interest is about elections and not the welfare of Ghanaians in this pandemic era. He said the Attorney General’s Department has totally deviated from its core objectives which are to enhance public confidence in Justice delivery and administrative systems, improve access to affordable and timely Justice, protect citizens and national interest and promote transparency and accountability. Unfortunately, the AG has all suddenly turn to be fighting the national interest.

Unacceptably, this eyesore is being pushed by government through the attorney general to, in spite of what Ghana is going through, shamefully challenge the decision of the High Court for granting the interlocutory injunction on the NIA exercise which is completely outside the national interest but personal. This is beyond basic logic and it’s senseless, shameful, inhumane, barbaric and occultism. When the president met men of God at the presidency for prayers the clergy raised concern about the NIA exercise in the Easten Region and the president said he was not aware.
Good Samaritans went to court to secure an interlocutory injunction on the NIA and your attorney general went back to court to quash interlocutory injunction placed on the NIA by the court of competent jurisdiction. Is the president still not aware of the action of his attorney general and NIA?

These are the people our tax money is used to pay them. If this is not a power drunk and insensitivity, what is it then? As if that is not enough, while these ruthless “life for power” exchange is going on, the other slaughter house, EC was also initiating a move by pushing a bill in parliament to allow them accept only Ghana passport and the uncompleted NIA Card to register prospective voters during their so called compilation of new voter thank God the E.C has finally suspended it registeration exercise. How can people be so callous, even, when lives are threatened? Who will be the subjects of a president whose citizens are exterminated? It is now obvious that, this government led by H.E. Nana Addo values nothing, even human life, except POWER, POWER and POWER

Enough is enough, Ghanaians are fed-up with politics of do or die and by all means. The issue of elections, voter register, electoral commission “fighting” with many political parties and civil society groups over compilation of a new voter register to spend USD150 million was the wake-up bell until the emergence of an unknown “bullet” called Covid-19 popularly known as Coronavirus.

This virus, we were told, is so deadly that its containment is not easy, but thank God it was in the Far East, China and that the only way it can get to Ghana will be by importation for home consumption. Indeed, at the time when we realized its entry into Ghana was eminent, many experts and knowledgeable people advised our President to avoid travelling to such places that were already affected by the deadly “bullet”, Covid-19. The President refused such good counsel and travelled with his entourage to such places as UK, Swiss and Norway that were already affected by the Coronavirus. We thought, those travelling were inevitable and for the good of Ghana our mother land. However, we can now understand by the actions of government the reasons behind those movements.

Permit me to travel with you to show you why the President Akufo-Addo’s government is said to be insensitive, draculian and power-drunk. Before the President and the entourage arrived in Ghana, it had been suggested by many knowledgeable persons who could foretell the implication of their return to the country and suggested that they are quarantined on arrival. Many of such experts suggested in furtherance of the mandatory quarantine that the President should as a matter of urgency call for closure of our entry points to human traffic to avert a glaring calamity. The President and his government, knowing what they were up to, refused the call and never paid heed to such good advice. Unfortunately, after the arrival of the President and his entourage on the 4th of March, 2020, they were seen parading on the grounds of the 6th March independence celebration in Kumasi, Baba Yara Stadium.

Fortunately for the President and his government and unfortunately for Ghanaians, two imported cases were recorded in Ghana few days after the celebration. Undoubtedly, one of the two was the Norwegian Diplomat who had been with the President and his entourage in their visit to Norway and elsewhere. However, the second affected person’s identity, for heaven sake, has become permanently undisclosed. Now that the die is cast, the chart is set for the slaughter. The slaughtering houses, ELECTORAL COMMISSION (EC) and NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION AUTHOURITY (NIA) are now set under the cover of darkness (COVID-19) which has invariably taken the media space to unleash the onslaught. Meantime, as days unfolded, the number of confirmed case continued to rise astronomically to a panicking situation and so measures that were suggested initially had to be implemented, ie compulsory quarantine and closure of entry points to human traffic. After all, the chart is already set and so the President can now act the ‘I care for you mantra’.

Whilst the president publicly announced the cessation of public and social gathering of all forms, including church services, Moslems prayers and any other forms of services to avert community spread, he created a space for legal escape for the slaughtering houses, NIA and EC should the need arise. The legal escapes he clandestinely created were the social distance parameters and the 25 people at any necessary gathering. Inasmuch as Ghanaians were observing these directives NIA was all over Eastern Region to register Ghanaians just for a card while endangering the lives of our brothers and sisters in that region devoid of the threat posed to them. It was alleged that, the people did not want to come out from the beginning due to the covid-19 scare, the slaughters sent a prang that people were going to pay GHC250 for the card after the period allotted to the region is expired and so the mass rush. This barbaric and inhumane act had to stop through legal means by some good Samaritans who had to go for an interlocutory injunction and subsequently contempt of court against the leadership of the authority to compel them to suspend their operations. We are hereby sending a caution to the president to stop the organs under him who is burnt endagering the lives of Ghanaians to the detriment of December 2020 elections the live of asingle Ghanaian worth more than elections. The president should listen to expert advice to contain this deadly virus covid 19.

Azubilacv Emmanuel
Executive Secretary ADAM-GH
Mob. 0544418072.

Approved by Mr. John Jack Director of Research ADAM-GH
MOB. 0208307003

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