COVID-19 Outbreak: Control the Circulation of Hard Currency too – Bishop Armah

The Founder and General Overseer of the Rich Family Church International, Bishop Ebenezer Armah, has blamed the rapid spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ghana to the wide circulation of hard currency (money) in the system.

The Bishop who is concerned about the killer disease which has claimed over 5,800 lives globally in an interview with at his Lapaz headquarters described the situation which has now became a burden to the whole world as unfortunate.

Coronavirus an epidemic which is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before like other coronavirus, said to come from animals has so far affected more than 156,000 globally including Ghana recording 16 cases so far.

Covid-19 as it is also known has compelled the Government of Ghana to suspend all public activities including Schools, Churches, funerals, sporting activities, political campaigns, among others for the next four weeks, as public education on it’s prevention is carried across the country.

However Bishop Ebenezer Armah is claiming the directives to prevent the spreading of the virus is not enough as far as there is money circulating in the system.

“This rapid spreading of the epidemic is not only through human contact like handshaking and other factors as outlined by the World Health Organization, rather, it is the wide circulation of money in the system, it is also a factor which needs some attention. Statistically, almost 80% of people exchange money every minute. Do we know the status of the person handling the money we are holding in our hands now, and how often do we apply hand sanitizers after coming into contact with money, so if an affected person uses the money to pay for a service or to buy from the market, imagine the number of people that particular money will get in touch with,” he stated.

He proposed the use of gloves as the only means to curb the epidemic, explaining that with the use of gloves one can do anything and carefully dispose it after use.

Reacting to the directives by President Akufo-Addo for the suspension of all public gatherings including church services, he praised the government for such a bold decision saying even though it will affect the individuals financially, there should be a way out. He called on well meaning Ghanaians to adhere to the directives by the President to preserve the lives of the good people of Ghana.

The virus can cause pneumonia, those who have fallen I’ll are reported to suffer cough, fever and breathing difficulties. In several cases there can be organ failure. As this is viral pneumonia, antibiotics are of no use, recovery depends on the strength of the immune system.

Source: William Dei-Gyau

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