EC cannot do Mass Registration

The Electoral Commission is racing slowly against speed to please itself with a clearly impossible task to compile a new voter’s register before the 2020 general elections in December. The last shambolic inter party advisory committee (IPAC) has thought a good lesson for the EC to backtrack on its unacceptable stubbornness on this matter.

The scrambling after the meeting where the NPP’s General Secretary was the first to address the media and begin throwing timelines like a drunkard before the EC’s director of election services, Dr. Siriboe Quacoe, fumbled on Eyewitness News on Citi Fm in the evening revealed that all is not well. As we speak the EC does not have the equipment for the registration; they have changed their mind to indicate that they intend to register about 16 million voters using only the Ghana Card and passport.

According to their new spokesperson, John Boadu, the National Identification Authority is to resume mass registration to enable more people in the NPP strongholds get the Ghana Cards because the new target cannot be met with the about 8 million NIA registered citizens.

Similarly, there is a clear confusion as to what time the National Identification Authority will need to engage in a new mass registration exercise in the whole country to prepare citizens for the Electoral Commission to enrol them on its intended new register.

These coupled with the fact that the covid-19 infection in the country has become alarming with no less than one hundred daily new infections being recorded across the country. Mass exercises as the EC and NIA contemplate are clear recipes for health disaster.

Another problem has been that the wise wisdom by civil society organizations calling the EC to rather consider carrying on with a limited registration exercise in place of a new voter’s register continues to fall on deaf ears of the uncompromising EC.

The EC has saddled itself with a suspicious bill, C.I 126, seeking to redefine citizenship of a Ghanaian to enable one get enrolled on the new register. This clear constitutional infraction will definitely be fought at the courts with its attendant time consumption. Put all these together it is clear the EC has placed itself between the deep blue sea and the devil. The Ghanaian cannot be left to the evils of lazy thinkers at the EC.

It is hard for many to believe how a woman of integrity would come to embrace insensitivity to the plights and lives of Ghanaians. One cannot imagine what it will benefit the people behind these mind-boggling display of ‘patapaa’ nonsense by the EC. The obvious desperation to make Akufo-Addo a second term President of Ghana by this EC against the overwhelming will of the majority of citizens is very telling enough. It appears there is a calculated hatched plan to fester chaos within which Nana Addo will be justified to remain in power even without elections as it will remove him from power.

From the look of things, heavy clouds are being gathered by sadistic elements; planned to start storming by December to satisfy evil hearts at the expense of the people’s survival. There will be unimaginable resistance; there will be consequential Rwanda-1994-like atmosphere in this country and only nature will tell those who will survive.

It takes a woman to build a nation to rephrase Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Now it is taking a woman, Jean Mensah, to destroy this beautiful country. But we can save it; our will is greater than an evil woman’s will; Ghana will defeat the demon in Jean Mensah.

Author: Naaba Nakuwabug Fetse

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