I am in love with Hawa Koomson. Walahi – Owula Mangortey confesses

I have a confession to make. And forgive me if it is not a palatable confession to you.

I love patapaa, takashi, fire spitting women like Hawa Koomson.

By my nature, the quiet, cool, emotional, cry-baby, wilting, bible-quoting, fama nyame type of women never appeal to me.

I love pound for pound women. Walahi!!

Honestly, I admire and I am in love with Hawa Koomson for shaking Kasoa and unleashing the tiger in the nice, sweet, beloved NDC PC, Naa Koryor Okunor.

Since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffers violence, and it is the violent like Hawa Koomson who take it by force.

Forgive me, please for my choice of love of a woman who caught my fancy.

But truth be told, I am in love with Hawa Koomson.

You can condemn her, ask that she be sacked and prosecuted, but still I love Hawa Koomson.

Kasoa (ASEC) is a tough place, with a tough MP with balls as large as hernia.

Naa Koryor Okunor will surely need to recalibrate her methodology for D-Day 2020.

Owula Mangortey
21st July, 2020

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