Is Ketu North Constituency gradually going for the NPP?

NDC Leadership should Strategize do Hohoe fate doesn't befall us


Honourable Peter Amewu, the NPP MP for Hohoe Constituency in their regional conference unambiguously stated that they must win Ketu North Constituency the Hohoe way.

The question that NDC leadership must ask itself is which way did he Hon Amewu win the seat?

And how best should we prevent them from using that Hohoe way in Ketu North and other possible Constituencies like Kpando?.

My inquisitive investigation and research took me to the gazetted results of the just ended 2020 national election. Clearly, any well meaning party member of the NDC must be worried on the votes gained by Nana Addo as presidential candidate in the Constituency, and how the parliamentary candidate of the npp also gained more skirt and blouse votes.
Data below for scrutiny:

Presidential Results

John Mahama
36,690 — 71.12%

Nana Addo
14,330 — 27.78%

Parliamentary Results

Dr James Avedzi
28,041 — 53.64%

Kofi Dzamesi
23,913 — 45.74%

Analysis And the Way Forward

Taking into account the Presidential Results, one will still worry about NPP making such huge gains in vote in the Constituency. They got more than 1/3 of the NDC presidential votes though we won greatly.

For the Parliamentary Results, one could see almost 50/50 votes or percentage for both NDC and NPP candidates though we narrowly won the seat.

Now, is it not justifiable when you see and hear Hon Amewu who won Hohoe seat either through fair or foul means, an old NDC seat calling for the seat of KETU NORTH CONSTITUENCY?

NDC must be more worried than NPP because NPP is making a great gains in votes in the region, not only that but hungrily after our parliamentary seats. This should be a wake-up call on NDC leadership as a matter of urgency to SAFEGUARD its strongholds parliamentary seats, also, must work hard on winning and retaining all swing Constituencies currently in our care.

Another strategies my instinct tells me is that NPP shall strategically collaborate with Electoral Commissioner to divide Ketu North Constituency into two so Hon Dzamesi strongholds as in traditional areas that are favoring NPP in votes be at one side so they can win one

I am aware Hon Dr James Avedzi won’t be contesting again, and that can be a plus or a minus depending on how the primaries will go. If any bruises from the primaries not manage well before 2024 election, then it will be another problems looming.

This is early call on all our hon MPs in the strongholds across the country to work hard to either increase or maintain the vote gaps margin in next election when they are maintained in their Constituencies in the primaries, by working hard to develop their respective Constituencies so there won’t be skirt and blouses.

To the swing Constituencies, this is the time to sacrifice yourselves to justify why you must be voted for again by the constituents to retain the seats.

In conclusion, I am calling on the NDC Party leadership to put strategies in place and work very hard to ensuring we appreciate more votes in our strongholds and same time gain in NPP strongholds as they keep doing in ours.

Long live NDC.
Long live Ghana.

Thank you.

By Bismark Kwabla Kpobi.

Junior comrade , NDC

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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