JDM: Akufo-Addo is retaining power and Bawumia follows as President, in shaa ALLAH

I wish to help our dear nice but incompetent John Mahama to understand the dynamics of today’s politics. The problem is that he has too many people lying their way into his pocket playing “fekyere fekyere” with his big cash that is suspected to be the nation’s money. However, the source of that money is quite irrelevant as far as the topic of this article is concerned, although the reader must know that billions of USD vanished under his watch, for example the one billion USD resurfacing of the Accra roads that did not ameliorate the situation at all. The money was disbursed all the same!

I want to say that no matter how many fools join John Mahama’s camp in a concerted attempt to dent the image of Akufo-Addo’s government, the plots will boomerang back in their faces because there has never been a case where evil triumphed over good since the beginning of creation until now.

Our nice but incompetent John Mahama has soon forgotten that the $10 billion USD Hope city has remained the contemptuous pile of rubbish in the dreamland of the NDC that it always has been. Since he cut the sod for this impossible project, nothing happened except that an avenue for theft and embezzlement of public funds was created. John Mahama has soon forgotten the deliberate attempt to steal the people’s money by creating a hoax project for the construction of an ultramodern airport at prampram, which also never materialised. They only bought lands in the area for pittance, which this hoax caused to skyrocket the price of, and in turn sold them to unsuspecting victims. They then sat back and licked their lips as they relished this sumptuous meal like hyenas after ripping an innocent buck to pieces. John Mahama makes a lot of cacophony about roads in the Volta Region when in fact 19 years of Rawlings and 8 years of Atta-Mills/John Mahama administrations of the NDC, roads were abandoned, and general development of the region shelved because they deemed the voltarians to be voting sheep who could be goaded anyhow the NDC wanted. Atwamu (it is a thing of the past)!

So I say to John Mahama that Ghanaians are not stupid to prefer retrogression over progress. Ghanaians are not stupid to replace the nationalistic, patriotic, empathic, wise, and visionary President Akufo-Addo, who has chalked many positive feats for the nation, with a heartless President, who has never alleviated the suffering of the poor with as much as even one social intervention policy when he had the singular and unrepeatable chance to.

Let me state that, in shaa ALLAH, he will lose the 2020 elections “portor”, so badly that he will make history as the most unenviable character with the worst performance record as Vice-President and, subsequently, President of Ghana. Who does he want Akufo-Addo to hand over to? The only person he will do that to is Dr Mahamudu  Bawumia. I am predicting that John Mahama will burrow further into the depths of the labyrinths of rejection and dejection with a record loss, in shaa ALLAH.

President Akufo-Addo has never been one to advocate for violence. John Mahama should watch his words and choose them carefully. It disheartens me that his utterances carry the traces of alcoholism and substance abuse. He is all too aware that when the NPP lost in 2008, Asiedu Ntetia marched like a war lord to the EC headquarters with his group of terrorists and bandits to force a declaration of results which were actually made public. In 2012, when John Mahama stole the elections, Akufo-Addo went to court to have the detected anomalies and infractions addressed. He had under his command millions of people, but asked all to be calm. On August 29, 2013, when the election petition verdict was given in favour of John Mahama, Akufo-Addo issued a verbose and emotional concession speech in which he stressed the fact that he would never wish for a single drop of blood to spill in his name.

We all heard the revelation of His Majesty Otumfo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene, about the efforts put in to convince John Mahama to concede after his humiliating defeat to President Akufo-Addo. The NDC through Koku Anyidoho claimed that they were in a comfortable lead in preparation for possible violence that they intended to unleash in order to coerce an electoral victory while John Mahama did the impossible to clinch on to power. After all, it was John Mahama who made the horrific statement through his buccal cavity to the effect that the NDC were masters at violence!

I will never forget the look on his face and his NDC folks, including Julius Debrah, at the conference center when the transition teams met in December, 2016. I was there! I can say on authority that John Mahama looked dazed. I do not blame him, really, the blow was too much to absorb. What, 44.4% onaapo!!! Chai John Mahama abr3!!!

So come elections 2020, John Mahama should know that the weapons his people imported into the country with the motive of violence will never be used to disturb the peace, in spite of the general knowledge that some of his terrorists remain at large though others are in prison, having attempted an abortive coup.

Still #4More4Nana

By Fadi Dabbousi


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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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