John Mahama must Rescue Ghana: Dr. Arthur Kennedy was right on point

John Mahama// Brethren, I read a piece authored by a leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), in the person of Dr. Arthur Kennedy.

Where he sought to say that everyone – referring to the elite and the non-elite know that the current administration led by Nana Addo has performed miserably.

And he never ends it there but, he expects the elite to be educating the rest of our people on the sins the current administration is committing which will haunt us someday – if not NOW, but SURELY in the soonest future.

The rate at which the current administration is borrowing, etc.

He made it clear that it’s trite knowledge that the erstwhile administration led by President John Mahama knew very well that Ghanaians need free shs – which indeed necessitated his implementation of progressive free shs, building of E-blocks among others, in making sure the fundamentals are right, and not the other way around – bullet fashioned implementation. GHANAIAN child needs quality education.

“My dear people, know that the high cost of living in the country right now is as a result of the unplanned implementation of this thing they call Free Education. ”

But, having agreed with Dr. Arthur Kennedy on his brilliant submission, I equally disagree with him that free shs is to be blamed for our high cost of living.

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John Mahama wants to debate? Nipa Nsuro Animguase3!
John Mahama wants to debate? Nipa Nsuro Animguase3!
  1. PIAC report made us aware that botched free shs is sponsored by our oil and gas revenues. Not to talk about whether the revenues are used for the intended purposes or not is left for discussion another day. To add, President Mahama invested heavily and bequeathed the current nana addo led administration with three additional oil fields (Sankofa, ENI and Gye Nyame) and are generating so much revenue for the country.

  2. President nana addo led government has ballooned our debt stock, he borrowed over 140 billions excluding grants and other classified borrowings? More than all the past administrations put together, yes, nana addo borrowed that in just three and half years?

And, I ask where are these monies as no investment was made in the socio-economic infrastructure front; and so why should standard of living be high?

  1. Is there value for money as far as appointment of over 125 ministers plus deputies and other needless flagstaff house staffers are concerned?

  2. PDS scandals, Egyapa scandals, BOST scandals, Kelni GVG scandals,..just to mention few, Beloved, let’s rescue Ghana as Corruption headquarters has successfully been moved to Ghana?

  3. 2020 election is not about John Mahama and his running mate, Prof Jane Naana, is not about NDC, rather it’s about me, it’s you and collectively it’s about our future.

  4. Ghana must work again!

By Kofi Azumah Xornam aka Zumzum

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