John Mahama: Schizophrenia, Double Entendre, and “Banzanchi”

There is never a moment of comfort in the deliberations of John Mahama or his NDC fanatics who will go to all lengths to brand Ghanaians of other schools of thought with smutty rubbish as if to assert that there are no more sensible people outside the tattered umbrella that has forever leaked due to Banza policies, insensitivity to the nation, and devious disposition towards the electorate who suffer abuse and insults under NDC however they vote!

For example, the Volta Region has always been described as the vote vault of the NDC yet this most beautiful part of Ghana sees little or no development whenever they are in power. The only relief they get is when the NPP is in Power. John Mahama has lied through his teeth in a hereditary trick of throwing dust into the eyes of voltarians, the Eastern corridor being an assertive example of their pedigree of lies and dishonesty. When John Mahama claimed that the Eastern Corridor was being worked on and almost complete, I was on that stretch campaigning for the NPP and President Nana Akufo-Addo in the run-up to the 2016 elections. Irrespective of which side of the political divide one find themselves on, the truth to the electorate must be spoken. It is how the message is articulated that draws the voter to print their thumb wherever they feel impelled to.

I find it so disgusting that John Dramani would “kill a man and attend his funeral at the same time”, if you like. I am using this metaphor to indicate what a Banza person he has become as he transmosgrified over the years from uselessness to uselessness until he is being referred to as the political disaster of our democratic dispensation.

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John Mahama’s communicators like Sammy Gyamfi and Felix Ofosu Kwakye, the most terrible and Banza liars ever in the history of Ghana, contradict themselves in public further exposing the confusion within their camp. The Circle Dubai Interchange that cost some $260 million US Dollars has become a source of bewilderment so much so that one confirms the $260 million USD and the other lies as usual that it cost $90 million. The truth is that it cost a bit more than $260 million US Dollars with a corruption element in excess of $170 million US Dollars. Make your deductions folks, if the price tag of the Pokuase interchange is $84 million US Dollars being one of the largest in Africa, how much should the Circle interchange have cost? Without prejudice to the latter, and given the complex Tema interchange price tag of $56 million US Dollars, how much should the Kasoa flyover cost, also? Mind you it is not an interchange, please!

John Mahama Promises a Just and Equal Society for All
John Mahama Promises a Just and Equal Society for All

So you see folks, the NDC has nothing to offer except lies and delusional messages of bamboozlement, and vague policies that smack of uselessness, wickedness, and double entendre. Why the double entendre? Well, the NDC never sends out a message without the underlying reality of duplicity! Let us put the flatulent Okada Policy under scrutiny. You see, in 2013, the then minister for transport banned the Okada menace and used brute force to arrest offenders and seize their bikes, many that eventually were shared among NDC functionaries under their flagship policy of apathy, “One NDC charlatan one seized okada bike”! They harassed Okada riders so much so that police officers became the nemesis of the poor riders who were out to do the impossible and risk it all in order to make ends meet.

Today, incompetent John Mahama is promising to legalise okada, the most dangerous engagement that any and every rider would wish to be relieved of. In as much as it may sound nice to some dunderheads to legalise Okada, the camouflaged act of skinning the riders alive lies in the undertones of the policy. If it is legalized, there would be the need to have a rider’s license, an insurance policy on the bike, yearly roadworthiness certificate, and many more ripples of this most pathetic Banza policy that no man in their right senses would even mention as a campaign message.

This is a clear exposé of the assuming foolishness of a bunch of political retards who will go to all lengths to deceive the nation like the wolf in the children’s story, “Little Red Riding Hood”! Once again let us reject the second coming of the “John Mahama the anti-christ” and maintain President Nana Akufo-Addo so that more will be done by way of reliefs and development for the nation, after all, during Dumsor, John Mahama increased the tariffs and unsympathetically asked Ghanaians to pay more if they wanted stable electricity while admonishing us not to charge our phones, which he claimed was the reason for his brand of darkness! #ChaiNeverNDCAgain

#4More4Nana … Ghanaians will not have it any other way, in shaa ALLAH!

John Mahama John Mahama

By Fadi Dabbousi


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