KOFI KORANTENG: The Man Who Stood Up for Ghana

Kofi Koranteng// There comes a time when men have to stand up against other men’s oppression- be it physical, emotional or economic.

The wealth gap in Ghana is one of the highest in the world with one man owning an estimated tens of billions of cedis while paying his sanitation workers a mere Ghs 120 or $21 per month. Both the NPP and the NDC in the last 29 years have shown no empathy to the ordinary Ghanaian but both parties agree to spend an estimated Ghs 3.42 Billion on luxury vehicles for politicians alone.

Despite the killing of people under Jerry Rawlings in the 1979 coup and more in the eleven more years of military adventurism from Dec.31, 1981 to January 1992, all for alleged corruption, neither the NDC nor the NPP have bothered to take public theft, often softly called corruption, seriously enough to investigate and to prosecute. In the meantime, the NPP under Nana Akufo-Addo has set the world record in loans per capita, and the lowest public crime prosecution in the post-Independence era. There is nothing to show save a free education that kids everywhere deserved in the first place from all adults in society.

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KOFI KORANTENG: The Man Who Stood Up for Ghana
KOFI KORANTENG: The Man Who Stood Up for Ghana

The Public Deception:

The people of Ghana have been under the dark clouds of deception and hooligan bullying and fear since the AFRC coup of June 4, 1979, led by Jerry Rawlings. Several military offices including three former heads of state – General Acheampong, Lt. Gen. Akuffo, and Lt. Gen. Afrifa were killed at the firing squad after a mob trial accusing them of corruption. Other reasons given for the coup included economic mismanagement, poor governance, economic hardship, and general frustration on the part of the populace as well as high levels of indiscipline within the Ghana Army.

It has been more than 40 years and the PNDC that became a civilian party called NDC two years later under the same Jerry Rawlings, as well as the NPP that replaced him for 8 and now almost another 4 years, shows the following:

  • Poor Governance as shown by poor or lack of prosecution of public theft or corruption. Financial planning and management is worse!
  • People in leadership have shown no better examples and no fear of God in learning discipline and ethical principles:
  • There is no empathy for fellow Ghanaians: thousands of tertiary students with good grades but from poor homes with admission to Universities are left behind.
  • The Economy that was reported unsatisfactory in 1981 is today worse by 19,000 times if one uses the Bawumia principles of using the dollar exchange rate. (1981 was about 3 cedis/$, but today 57,000/$).
  • While paying 2.5% of taxes as National Health insurance levy, there is no accountability as Health facilities are poorly equipped, and new hospitals built are left abandoned by different regimes. Again the people to Doctor ratio has almost doubled from what it was in the 1970s.
  • While both NDC and NPP may boast about building infrastructures, we all know how decent neighborhoods in towns are left abandoned for years before a road is built as a political favor while the local Chiefs collect their money and could care less. Again while some talk about “digitization” and modernization none of the NPP and NDC leadership could care to develop underground sewage systems while 275 people die every day from malaria.
  • More than 80% of the people do not have clean drinking water at home and even in the cities water is still being rationed despite more than $2.3 billion in loans since the 2004 era.

There comes a time when men have to stand up! We do not need a military coup! No! We must stand up against the oppression of our own kind! The man putting his knees on our necks is the NPP and NDC leadership. Period!

The only man who stood up at the Diaspora Summit in 2017 was Mr. Kofi Koranteng! Yes! We must all stop whining and stand up to support!

Today in the 2020 Presidential race Mr. Kofi Koranteng has stood up again. He has emerged the leader of a united front of Independent Presidential aspirants and supported by a team of global Ghanaian professionals and leaders from Australia, UK and USA. Kofi Koranteng

As President Kofi Koranteng plans to

  1. Institute a National Development Plan from a science-based, data-driven and human-centered empathy and social services and by inspiring the youth.
  2. Overhaul the National Constitution and empower and assist towns and districts with Town Councils and self-generated capital of more than $10 Billion for their own development.
  3. Enforce Law and Order, review and modernize the Judicial system and institute discipline in all areas of our nation from the classrooms to the boardrooms.
  4. Abolish ex-gratia emoluments, sitting and travel allowances and save $100 million to $1 billion.
  5. Put our Youth to work by investing the savings from resizing and reducing Government spending – provide small loans to buy tools and machinery for all licensed technicians, artisans, and graduates of technical and vocational schools.
  6. Appoint only 10-20 Ministers and cut $100 million or more from the Budget.
  7. Institute a flat-rate Import Duty on vehicles and machinery of 5% to 10%.
  8. Provide low-interest loans for all students who need it and all with Business ideas.

The time has come for Ghanaians who got the opportunity to go overseas and learn the white man’s magic to stand up and be counted. Kofi has been an Engineer and then in the Business and Financial capital investment area having learned and delivered results at America’s best! Let us all plan to raise $10 million from a minimum of 100,000 Ghanaians in the Diaspora who are tired and ready to stand up with Kofi Koranteng.

PLEASE Send your contributions $100 or more or whatever you can directly to his Momo Account +233 26 135 6939. And read more at kofikoranteng.com

Let’s stand up together to SAVE GHANA. God bless our nation and our people! Kofi Koranteng

By Dr. Kwaku A. Danso

President/Co-Founder- Ghana Leadership Union (GLU).


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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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