Landgrab and Return in Ashanti & Accra: A tale of Two Ghanas and Hypocrisy of Civil Society

OccupyGhana and their bigoted friends must comment on the return of prime State Acquired Lands including Military Baracks to the Asantihene, the Golden Stool or Ashanti People by President Akufo-Addo.

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OccupyGhana and some Bigots were opposed to Government returning State Acquired Lands to the Original Land Owners or Stools from who they were acquired by the State for a Specific Purpose and Period contrary to what was envisaged by the framers of the Constitution.

OccupyGhana and their bigoted friends must comment on the return of prime State Acquired Lands including Military Baracks to the Asantihene, the Golden Stool or Ashanti People by President Akufo-Addo.

The La Stool Lands are not being returned to the La Stool but being stolen even using Military as Landguards.

Whereas Military barracks Lands are being returned in Ashanti; the opposite is happening in La, where more Lands are being stolen in the name of the Military, even when the La Mantse personally petitioned President Akufo-Addo.

Who in their right senses uses Prime Land for cemetery, statues and Military Barracks or installations?

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So it is proper to return such Lands to the Stool not the Military as happened in Ashanti, SO WHY NOT IN LA?

At Kpletso on 15th April 2021 the President Akufo-Addo and Dominic Nititul unleashed Military Landguards on unarmed journalists and citizens of La, one of which had resulted in one ADJORKOR’S death and several injured…

Till date the President and his Defence Minister have pretended nothing happened at Kpletso thus no apologies nor commensurations from Government as happened when the Military mutineers went on a beating spree on the streets of Wa.

The President, Defence Minister, Interior Minister, Chief of Defence Staff and others boarded a Plane at the Kotoka International Airport which is on La soil to Wa, to beg the Chiefs and People of LA sorry WA, to forgive the unruly Military personnel…

The Military High Command under President Akufo-Addo as Commander-in-Chief; on 16th April, 2021 promised to investigate the Kpletso Shooting and assault by the Ghana Army officers but till date nothing has been publicly nor privately heard…

The Kpletso Shooting and Assault by the Ghana Armed Forces which happened in the presence of COP Kwesi Ofori and other senior Police officers has been treated with impunity by the President and his Defence Minister, Interior Minister and IGP; happened before the Ejura Shooting Spree and Wa Beating Spree…

Why has the Ghana Police Service, Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, National Media Commission and other statutory bodies not investigated the Kpletso Shooting and Assault case so the soldiers and those who deployed them to carry out the criminal act are punished?

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The Lands Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor’s claim that he wrote officially to the Defence Minister to stop the military from further construction work at the disputed Kpletso land must be publicly substantiated as the construction is ongoing just like on the disputed Cantonments Civil Aviation Land…

The Lands Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor must name all the faceless developers stealing the disputed Cantonments Civil Aviation Land and those he claims have been coming to his office to pressurize him to allocate prime State Acquired Lands to them, instead of returning the Lands to the La Stool.

It will be recalled that President John Agyekum Kufuor allocated parts of the Cantonments Civil Aviation Land for Ghana@50 Mansions and granted Asanteman Council and a certain Nana Kwaku Duah portions of the prime La Stool Lands in the face of protests from the La Mantse and the People of La.

Ghana needs a comprehensive Public Enquiry into all State Acquired Lands, Leases, Subleases, grants and Title certificate issued by the Lands Commission to beneficiaries of the fraudulently allocated State Lands which must be retrieved and returned to the State or to the Original Land Owners or Stools.

Ghanaians are resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.

The bigoted policy of “Some Ghanaians are more Ghanaian than others” will be resisted as it is unconstitutional.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana…

…soon there will be a New La Mantse on the La Stool, and all La Stool Lands will have to be returned.



By Prince-Derek Adjei

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