MILITARY HIGH COMMAND: What is the role of RANGER or OLA or Kwame Dankwa in the Military? – Owula Ma

I am a Citizen.

I am a Whistleblower with a known face and address.

I rise to draw the attention of the MILITARY HIGH COMMAND that information circulating in the barracks indicates that soldiers intend to take action against one RANGER, OLA, OLATUNDE DUROJAIYE for continuously meddling in military matters, even though he is not a known Soldier in the Ghana Armed Forces.

Soldiers are angry about pictures taken of their colleagues with arms in front of them at a so-called trial when they have not been found guilty of any offense.

Soldiers are questioning who is behind a so-called KILLING SQUAD and the naming of John Bawuah (military regimental number 205807) and described as part of the 500 recruits whose training was terminated for Mutiny and Misconduct at the Army Recruits Training School (ARTS) in December 2015?

Soldiers are questioning who included in the “KILLING SQUAD” names such as Eric Bawuah, described as a barracks boy and formerly of 5BN and Airborne Force; L/Cpl Bright Bawuah, described as formerly of 3 BN; and Sgt Bawuah, described as formerly of 5BN, described as sacked from GAF for extorting money from people under the pretext of helping them to be enlisted.

When graffiti begin to appear in the barracks, the MILITARY HIGH COMMAND must begin to keep their ears firmly to the ground

For the second time in our national life, I rise to ask the MILITARY HIGH COMMAND OF GHANA, what is the role of one OLA or RANGER or Kwame Danquah in the Ghana Armed Forces?

On about 5th November 2019, I drew national attention to the fact that soldiers have been whispering of the presence of a “mystery man” called OLA or Kwame Dankwa or RANGER or Olatunde Durojaiye at the Military barracks.

I referred to Section 8 (2) of the Ghana Armed Forces Act of 1962 (ACT 105) which clothes the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) with the responsibility ” for the administration of the Ghana Armed Forces.”

Accordingly, I requested that the CDS should explain the presence and role of the “mystery” man called OLA or RANGER or Kwame Danquah or Olatunde Durojaiye in the military barracks.

I asked so because soldiers had been whispering that since 2017, the said OLA or RANGER has been the ” spearhead” in the arrest, interrogation, and detention of several officers and men.

The soldiers whispered that he had a multiplicity of roles in the Ghana Armed Forces, including troops peacekeeping rotations.

The soldiers whispered that OLA had traveled to most, if not all, on-going peacekeeping missions where GAF troops are deployed.

Soldiers were interested to know if GAF bore the cost of OLA’s business class tickets.

Soldiers asked whether OLA is Nigeria, America, UK or Ghana Citizen.

Soldiers whispered that he had wormed his way into the heart of, and had unfettered access to the then Chief of Army Staff, Major- General William Sule AYAMDO, and had a permanent presence within the Office of the Provost Marshall and Commanding Officer of the Military Police.

Soldiers asked what was Ola’s cohort in the US Army Ranger School/ Course.

For the avoidance of doubt, I attached a picture of a civilian with some GAF Officers on UN Peace Keeping Operations and asked whether the Civilian was OLA.

It was gratifying and highly commendable to note what appeared to be a swift action taken by a “listening” Military High Command, when a characteristically terse statement was issued by General Oppong- Peprah, Chief of Staff, Army HQ (as he then was) banning the said OLA from all Military barracks.

But Soldiers asked whether some in the Military High Command, especially General William Azure Ayamdo, strictly observed the ban on OLA?

I wish to advise the Military High Command that information available in the barracks indicates that Soldiers will take serious action against the said OLA, if he steps in any military installation because his credentials and modulus operandi have been dug up.

According to Soldiers, they will deal drastically with OLA and any person in the Military High Command who provides him cover for his activities which are in serious breach of Military Regulations.

Soldiers found out the following publication in documents filed in a Writ at the Accra High Court on 15th November 2019 in which OLA revealed his identity, address, and credentials as follows:




Flat 41, SSNIT FLATS, Adenta, and 28 Hillary Road, London, W12 OQD, United Kingdom


ODEGBULE OLATUNDE DEROJAIYE, also known as KWAME DANKWA is a Businessman, Security Expert and Private Investigator with over 27 years of experience.

Eye-red and irate Soldiers are determined to stop a “Private Detective,” who holds himself out as a RANGER, from meddling in military affairs, and will expose and subject his credentials to strict proof.

May the Military High Command be advised to take action to purge themselves of OLA before they are purged by the anger and revulsion of Soldiers over the activities of OLA or RANGER or ADEGBULE OLATUNDE DEROJAIYE or KWAME DANKWA.

TRUTH is so stubborn it does not give up until it prevails.

Owula Mangortey


7th September 2020

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