No Lazy Man can Fulfill God’s Will – Rev. Victor Chimere

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Man and his existence is an evolving experience. As a man (common gender noun) your survival and relevance are determined by what you know, which indicates that life is a continuous educational system.

Rev. Victor Chimere inspired his congregation at Rulers City Church, Century road, Teshie with these words during his Sunday service on 12 January 2020.  He said man’s ability to be fruitful on earth is tied to his knowledge.

“Everything about God is tied to a man’s discovery. Your discovery ensures your recovery. Your recovery will guarantee your speed in life. If you want to enjoy speed (simply) discover. There are things that God will reveal to you that will cause you to accelerate beyond your ability.”

He admonished his congregation not to be complacent with life. He wants Christians to continuously acquire knowledge by keeping in touch with God because he is the God of revelation.

“Quoting Psalm 105 vs 19 he says, one word from God can change your level. One word from God can move you from where man has dumped you to where God has purposed for you.”

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He says every human being is gifted and useful for God’s manifestation. For this reason, God has created every man with the ability of a researcher.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter (Proverbs 25 vs 2) This means that those who search out what God has hidden become Kings. There are things concerning you that God has hidden. When you search them out, grace will rest upon you. Become a researcher of destiny!

“That is the character of this God whom we serve. He is a specialist in hiding things.

The success of every human being depends on his ability to research. No lazy man can fulfil God’s will.


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