Oti not a Dreamland

Dear Nana Addo,

Greetings from Binduri,

My understanding is that while you are on your regional tour of the Oti, you were insulting JM as violent, an attempt which seeks to white wash you and portray you as peaceful. Really? What are pearls to swine? And when did your bus arrive?

Well, first and foremost I wish to commend you for at long last realising the need for Ghana to have a peaceful election and to also refresh your memories that Ghana haven’t recorded any bloody protest ever since you became president. Know why? The lord of violence is the President, is as simple as that.

Again, history is good and will forever be against you when ever violence is discussed. All die be die is now a household phrase because of your violent invention. A reason you don’t posses the moral high ground to give Ghanaians a peace lecture.

Maybe, you need a kind reminder that know one with his head properly placed learns moral lessons from the brothel; to paraphrase your Ablekuma slay queen Ursula Owusu.

Mr. Mahama is a peaceful man, he is recognised world wide as one who loves peace and his type has no comparator in Ghanaian politics. His love for peace is even noticed by even trees, plants, stones, etc and they sway to the sound of his peaceful footsteps.

Truth is Ghana is headed for a funeral parlour for selfish considerations kind courtesy your desperation and Jean Mensah’s stubborn display of unintelligence in handling national electoral matters, which always requires extensive consultations without unflinching stance as we are seeing.

The times in which we find ourselves do not require any debate on a new voter’s register, there is currently no convincing and compelling reason why we need a new voter’s register, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current one except to say it doesn’t provide an enabling environment for your collaborators and enemies of Ghana to gerrymander the election in your favour.

A new voter’s register means mass abnormalities, a recipe for chaos. Time is not our good friend and that of money. Besides, such a move requires a unanimous consensus which currently doesn’t exist.

May I know why you’ve deliberately ignored the violence within the NPP that’s leading to loss of lives? Is it a new method for ensuring peace? Your vice was misquoting the usual Akan adage and I think it best fits you: Se kwatrikwa se wo be ma wo ntuma a, tie he din. See the man promising peace fostering violence in his house!

Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

I think we should take you for the opposite of what you say. By the way I hope galamsey has not confused you so soon because your failure there is too monumental to comprehend!

By now you should know Oti Region is not a dreamland, no matter the amount of insults, they will show you pepper in December.

Da yie!

As usual,
The spokesman
Binduri gods
Up North.

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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