The Evil in the Body of the NDC: Time for Exorcism – 4 More 4 Nana!!!

Yet another exposé debuted while the dubious double-faced NDC representatives were speaking at the recent conference of the NPP on December 22, 2019, playing granny in the children’s fable, “Little Red Riding Hood”! Of the myriad accounts of mischief that were, are being, and will be executed against the government of the NPP under the leadership of President Nana Akufo-Addo, this exposé revealed the plans by John Mahama and his criminal abettors to cripple the whole country into submission.

I cannot find anything as terroristic, inhuman, and appalling as the plots of the NDC. We have heard the infamous tapes of the alleged criminal Ofosu Ampofo, Chairman of the horror Party; the NDC. We have heard of the infamous coup plot that sought to assassinate the President, the Vice-President, and other high ranking members of the Security Forces by characters of treason guised in the honourable cloaks of medicine, military, and Police. The inklings that have always raced and buzzed in our minds were unfolding true to the speculations which were manifesting into reality that we call the bitter pill, and which this time we shall not swallow because it is a matter of destiny; that of the nation and all stakeholders in the struggle to make “Ghana Great Again”!

We now have heard Elvis Ankrah of the World Cup 2014 fame, who felt no shame charging the nation some $30 USD (GHs17) for one coconut at the time. He was urging his peeps in crime to paralyse the nation with every form of terror possible. This same idiot was the NDC Minister for Youth and Sports who budgeted a whopping $20 million US Dollars for the 2014 World Cup, yet had the audacity to criticise the little that the NPP Minister, Hon Asiamah, spent on the 2018 World Cup.

Shamelessly, he defied the nation with his arrogance, stating that the tape was not leaked, but rather intentionally recorded and released. Surely, there can’t be a peak beyond this peak of ultimate hypocrisy, misdemeanor, verbal flatulence, and betrayal. I have spoken and pushed for the prosecution of these nation wreckers on charges of treason, even if we have to bring them out of their dumpsters of ethical and moral bankruptcy. At least for the purpose, we can wear nuke masks to avoid the nausea of their stench.

John Mahama’s baby rat, Sammy Gyamfi, was invited to the CID Head Quarters a few days ago for interrogation. He was accompanied by the authors of treason from his camp to defend him. What is there to defend, and how are they going to defend the unwholesome plans to disturb the peace? The worst of bad manners is the orotundity of their abuse of our rights when they speak. Maybe we are treating them with kids’ gloves.

In spite of the perceived notion that Ghanaians are pious, a grave misconception if you ask me, the NDC goons will use unprintable language although they post quotes from the Holy Books as if they were apostles of religion. They ironically preach contrary to their behaviour, and call for following only to mislead others to the hell of John Mahama and the waywardness of his devils.

It is time for exorcism, and religious leaders should gather at the Black Star Square to recite the Holy Books to exorcise the nation to free us from the grasp of the NDC devil. It is terrifying that every day we wake up to different stories of horror and blood-sucking by NDC witches and wizards who have more than once fallen out of the sky in their nocturnal flights to kill and mutate. NDC persons are like those unintelligent English language students who think that the opposite of “antimeridian” is “unclemeridian” rather than “postmeridian”.

Ghana needs to be exorcised from the grips of the NDC, so 4 More for NPP to Do More!


By Fadi Dabbousi


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