Think of the Voter Mr. President

President John Dramani Mahama thought of the voter. He built hospitals and other health centers so that the poor tax payer can also benefit from their contribution to National development which Bankof Ghana hospital is a classic example.

After our painful defeat there have been alot of calls on Nana Addo to open the numerous hospitals and health centers built by JM so that the poor tax payer can also get quality health care but the President and his people deliberately refused to agree with the citizenry.

Today from the Presidency to my village in Alavanyo and Aflao. From Sandema to Enchi, no one can go abroad for treatment. Which is a very good news because the virus has brought equality to humankind but this wickid government is still trying their best to create segregation.

According to John Mahama, the Bank of Ghana hospital was not built to serve only government officials and the rich but my oldlady in Alavanyo as well. It was built to serve you and i who are not known.

It was built so that all including you can have a quality health care but today the hospital that Nana Addo said could only be found in John Mahama’s green book is going to be a VIP treatment center for Ministers and government officials who have been tested positive.

Npp always think of themselves but NOT the voter who gave them the power. They have forgotten that three years ago those government officials were ordinary like all of us before they were given power by the voter. Today even in the midst of this global crises which has humbled the whole world, Npp and Nana Addo are still seeing themselves as the real owners and first class citizens of Ghana as confirmed by Ursula Owusu.

My heart is with the frontline workers and the ordinary Ghanaiaa who won’t be given VIP care because they are not Npp members.

Think of the Voter Mr. President.

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo.

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