‘Withdraw Dec. 17 Referendum’ – CARE Ghana to Gov’t

Pressure group Care for Free and Fair Elections has called on the government to withdraw the December 17 referendum which seeks to amend Article 53 (3) of the 1992 constitution.

The clause prohibits the political parties from participating in District Level Elections. But ahead of the referendum, many Ghanaians are calling for the clause to be upheld despite the government’s attempt to get citizens to vote ‘Yes’ to amend the entrenched clause.

The opposition NDC and some civil society organizations have started a ‘No’ campaign, arguing that voting ‘Yes’, which means Unit Committee members, Assemblymen, and MMDCEs will be elected on partisan lines, will extend the division, polarity, and acrimony characterized by national politics to the local government level.

But speaking on Dwaboase on Power 97.9FM Wednesday, the Secretary of the pressure group, David Kumi Addo said having monitored the conversations surrounding the referendum, the group believes the government will save resources when the exercise is withdrawn.

“We believe the country will save a lot of funds when the referendum is withdrawn,” Mr. Addo added and argued that the number of citizens and organizations who are campaigning for ‘No’ will end up getting most Ghanaians to vote against the attempt to politicize the District level elections.

For the amendment process to begin, 40 percent of eligible voters need to turn out to vote while 75 percent vote ‘Yes’.

Regardless, the result from the referendum, MMDCEs can only be elected if MPs complete the process of amending Article 243/1. The Bill is at the Second Reading in the House.

Source: Ghana|Myxyzonline.com

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