A Response to the Volta Region Minister

Mr. Minister,

It is a universal wisdom that you don’t bite the hand that is feeding. So we quite understand that you will, for obvious personal interest, oppose Western Togolanders’ legitimate demand for the restoration of their country. Unfortunately, your selfishness has pushed you as far as insulting the citizens of Western Togoland who are peacefully toward the restoration of the sovereignty of their homeland that was promised a different destiny than what Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his CPP party, with the help of their colonial masters illegally imposed on our citizens. Your choice of words to describe your fellow Western Togoland citizens yearning for self-rule and dignity leaves us with no other alternative, than to call you out, and urge you to take some time out of your servitude to Ghana and research a little bit of the history of Western Togoland.

Any wise Western Togoland who happens to work for the Ghana government, and knows the true history of our country and the way it was coerced into an unhealthy union with the Gold Coast, would have rather played a positive role in urging the Ghana government to listen to us and do the right thing, namely sit at a table with the purpose of reviewing any existing union agreement between the two countries, for after all, no agreement should be deemed sealed for eternity. What we are requesting from the Ghana government (not just the current one, but all of them since Ghana’s independence) is the review of that Union agreement between either the Gold or Ghana and Western Togoland, if there has been any. Otherwise, let us negotiate a reel one with clauses that are binding for all signatory parties. This cannot be viewed by any responsible government or institution as asking for the impossible, unless one party is not interested in an agreement between equal partners.

We are calling the Ghana government to witness, the Ghanaian people, the regional as the continental and the global community to witness that the head-in-the-sand policy of the Ghana government pretending that nothing is wrong with the “union” between Gold Coast or Ghana and Western Togoland, hence the latter exists no more, is rather adding fuel to a fire that has been simmering for close to 70 years now. If the world has not been paying close attention to our case, it is because we have preferred non-violence in our quest for freedom, bearing in mind that we will have to coexist peacefully with our neighbors to the west and all together work for positive change in ECOWAS and AU. That is, however, misconstrued by the Ghana government and some sections of the Ghana population as an invitation to intimidate, harass, arrest, prosecute and jail our people demanding that their national rights be guaranteed and respected.

Mr. Volta Region Minister, our direct response to your insult is this: you are an embarrassment to Western Togoland, including the Volta Region. Western Togoland is here to stay, and we are sorry for those who develop hives as soon as they hear the name Western Togoland. We are waiting for your party as well as the NDC in 2020. This can’t come too soon.



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