Biblical Elijah resurfaces at Juaboso?

  • As Amidst Wrecking  Wonders, Ministry Chalks 12

Behaving like his name sake, Prophet Elijah of Biblical times Major Prophet Elijah Appiah Frimpong, Founder and General Overseer (G.O) of Elijah Miracle Worship Center, has appeared at Juaboso in the western North Region, wrecking wonders to the amazement of the people.

His activities have however been met with mixed feelings. Whereas his adherents and admirers firmly believe in him, referring to him as Elijah reincarnated, his foes tag him as  “Not coming from God”

undaunted and unperturbed at this name calling, Prophet Frimpong is growing from Grace to grace by the day as his clientele also increases in numbers day after day.


Having been blessed by God, as he declares, Prof Appiah Frimpong maintains that he combines herbal medicine with his spiritual work, thus making him stand tall in his ministry. According to him he has knowledge of over 700 herbs which he uses to cure all manner of diseases;  and coupled with his spiritual Prowers, he expels diseases both spiritually and physically. This, he noted, had attracted this envy and jealousy of  his fellow spiritualists who cannot stand him claiming that he is not from God. He wondered whether it was not this same God who asked man to eat the fruit of the trees and use their  leaves to cure sickness.

He declared that with him, one is assured of healing, deliverance and prophetic breakthrough as all manner of issues brought before him get solved. His activities also include cure for bareness, impotency, birth related issues and a countless others. Prof Appiah Fimpong revealed that as a result of his ability to have barren people get children, as many as 67 children, born out of barrenness have been named after him.

Besides, Major Prof Appiah Frimpong is also able to delve into the unknown spiritual realm to unveil the hidden, fore tell the future and solve encumbrances in one’s life, thereby putting them on sound footing.

As such, he can fore tell what is ahead of people and also predict the outcome  of coming events – football, elections, travelling  and many more, one can think of. He is on record to have predicted the result of the 2016 General Election in Ghana, Ghana’s Poor Performance at the just ended AFCON competition and the exact number of votes  the incumbent District Chief Executive (DCE) for Juaboso , Martha Kwayie Manu would  pull in the just ended NPP parliamentary Primaries there. And with all these happening exactly as he predicted, people, especially his foes see him differently.


The Major Prophet indicated that when his detractors refer to him as not coming from God, he simply laughs at them, stressing that he knows best what is doing, and believes firmly that he comes from God. He quarried, “What wonders didn’t Prof Elijah and his successor Elisha perform? So what is the big deal in me taking after their foot step” ?


According to the Major Prophet, there are more than eight prophets in his family and he was the second to be called to the prophetic ministry. Mentioning on of his family member prophets as Apostle Eric Darko of Ancient of Ancient Ministries, Accra he came second after him. He revealed that though from infancy he was afraid of the Bible, he later became an adherent to it after he had the call from God. He stated that it had been prophesized about him from his infancy that he would either be a great foot baller or a prophet. As such he did not wonder about what is happening to him now in his prophetic Ministry.

According to the prophet, while in Secondary School at Juabeng Secondary School, he exhibited great skills and talents in football, especially when it comes to goal scorring. For this reason, everybody knew that he would be a great footballer in future. He stated that Sule Mutari was his play mate and he even envied him for his great skills.


Major prophet  Appiah Frimpong stated that because of his skills in football his father made frantic efforts to send him to Japan, where he (father) had deminicied, to play football. As a result, he was given a hand book in Japanese to learn the language in two weeks, but just as his visa was ready , he had a call from God to do His work.

According to him, when he told his  father about this , the father became not only disappointed but angry and rejected him.   To make bad worse, all friends, family members and acquaintances who knew him and his ability in footballing and highly  expectant of him, were equally disappointed, and also rejected him. thinking that he was out of his mind “how can a talented  footballer like you claim that you have been called by God, at a time  you are  being sent abroad to go and improve yourself” ? they wondered


Prophet Appoah Frempong stated that unable to withstand this rejection and finger pointing, he journeyed from Juaben in the Ashanti region to Juaboso in the Western Region to lead a new life there in 2007 where he  has lived all this while.

According to him most of the pastors he came to meet then are no longer there .but with him his work is progressing steadily


The major prophet stated that on his arrival at Juaboso, he took to the prophetic ministry on the quite. However, when people heard of him and his exploits, they rushed to him for assistance , as his works dwelt on basically all the needs of the people  healing, deliverance, prophetic breakthrough, travelling, delving into the hidden and unknown world, stressing that it was because of this that earned him that name calling, but he is not boarded at all. He indicated that since. He knows that what he is doing helps mankind, he will not shiver, saying that service to manking is a prayer and service to God

 Knowing And Playing With Numbers

Major Prophet Appiah Frimpong is also gifted with the knowledge of numbers, which he uses for the benefit of his clients. With numbers, he is able to tell the future  and also  forecast coming events and situations To prove his point,  Prof Appiah Frimpong revealed that the numbers for Jesus Christ were 12 and 3.

That is why these numbers featured prominently in his life time

He pointed out that the number of clans for the Jews  was 12, in one of which Jesus  came from . Also, he started his work at the of 12 and the number of his disciples were 12. On the number 3, prophet Appiah Frimpong pointed out that Jesus prophesized that peter would  deny him 3 times before crow of the cock. Also he was nailed to the cross with 3 nails and together with him 3 People were crucified that day and he died at 3pm. Then 3 days after his crucifixion he rose from the dead. Also he lived for 33 years. These figures, he pointed, out, that it is so with all human being. However, it had to take the discerning mind of seer to make such interpretations.

Touching on president Akuffo Addo and the 2016 election, he pointed out that his spiritual number, being 9, played a major role in that election. Also while in school, his playing number in football was 9 and that after 2 attempts at the presidency without success tis spiritual 9 came in to play in 2016 when his time became due, just as the 9th month maturity time of pregnant   

12th Anniversary

Major prophet Appiah Fimpong pointed out that this celebration is to mark his stay in Juaboso since 2007.

He maintained that he started his Ministry about one year ago. All the same since for the past eleven (11) years he was doing deliverance, healing and giving prophetic breakthrough to the people on the quiet, he sees these years as part of the ministry because many are those who have had their problems solved by him in these past year.

A visit to the new church place, opposite the DCE’s resistance at Juaboso attest to his good works, as many rush there for salvation deliverance and healing. Ably assisted by church secretary Nana Ayisi Agyin and Pastor Isaac Appiah (Associate Pastor), who also  doubles as Manager for the Juaboso Based “Rainbow Radio” the new church house is always overflowing with worshipers as some have to worship in raised tents outside the church

Source: S.O Ankamah, Juaboso 

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