Asare Bossman must go to restore the Faith of the Masses in the Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission’s independence, fairness, impartiality and efficiency are perceived to be compromised under the current administration. The commission is suffering from a crisis of credibility and endangering the integrity of our electoral process. The weak-kneed conduct of some of its officials has reduced the credibility of this constitutional body to an all time low.

Any erosion in the masses confidence in the fairness of the electoral commission has very grave consequences for the future of our democracy and i hope that the gravity of the situation will be appreciated by Madam Jean Mensah, Dr Asare Bossman, and other officials whose actions undermine the integrity of this important body which is the very foundation of our democracy. Many Ghanaians are distressed to note the misuse, abuse and blatant disregard of the model code of conduct with the ruling party at the centre. Taking an open position on the upcoming referendum is tantamount to a serious breach of propriety and amount to giving unfair publicity to the YES agenda. His action does not stand up to the standards of impartiality expected of a EC commissioner. What he did represents a backdoor effort to garner free publicity for the government and those who support the introduction of party politics at the local level.

Our electoral commission used to be the envy of the entire world, including developed countries, for its ability to conduct free and fair elections despite the huge logistical challenges. It is indeed saddening to witness the process of the demise of that if it continues, it is bound to strike at the very heart of that founding document the people of Ghana proudly gave themselves- the constitution of Ghana and the democratic ethos that is the very basis of the Republic of Ghana. The concerns raised by Ghanaians relative to Dr Bossman’s conduct are too central to the well-being of our democracy for the EC and all stakeholders to leave unexplained. In the interest of ensuring that the masses faith in the EC is restored, Dr Bossman must be removed and the EC needs to pro actively issue public clarification in respect to Dr Bossman’s reckless action. The man has not hidden his hate for the NDC and his statements before and after his appointment confirm that assertion. All the polls he conducted prior to his appointment favoured the Npp and was an ardent critic of the NDC administration. He has not hidden his Npp colours since his appointment. This was what he said about the NDC –

“I think if there is anyone who is becoming a threat or a potential threat to the democracy we are practising in our country, then I will rather say that it is the posture of the NDC. Since this new Commission took over we have noticed some of the things that have transpired. Before the Ayawaso West by-election, allegations were rife that, the register was bloated and we also noticed pictures of ballot papers.”

If I should or will respond to his reckless statement then will say ”if there is anyone who is becoming a threat or a potential threat to the democracy we are practising in our country, then I will rather say that it is the posture of the former Tescon Member appointed Deputy EC commissioner, Bossman Asare. The earlier we see to the removal of this Npp coloured man, the better it will be for our democracy. He is not fit for the position he occupies and if we continue to maintain him at his position, our democracy will suffer serious bruises. I am still struggling to understand the argument he made in support of the YES idea. His argument was weak, empty and senseless.

As usual, he aggressively displayed his Npp biases and inflicted serious wounds on his integrity. Compare this man to Josiah Ofori- Boateng, Oduro Numapau, Afari Gyan among others and would understand why discerning minds in the country are calling for his removal. Viewed in totality, there is no doubt that the mandate of 2020 has already been thrown into serious doubt.

The refusal of the Electoral Commission to take note many electoral laws violations by the ruling party is causing a great deal of concern to the public. The most blatant violation of this is the use of hoodlums to disrupt our elections. Bossman Asare didn’t and doesn’t see anything wrong with these dangerous activities being perpetuated on Ghanaians.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow 

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